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Wetting Agents

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In foliar feeding: The use of essentials Non ionic wetting agent is vital for foliar feeding to reduce the surface tension of water. It is necessary to ensure the adhesion of droplets on difficult to wet leaves
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Growth Technology Aqua Burst wetting agent, Growth technology AquaBurst is formulated and blended by experts, especially for Growth Technology. Soil and coco growers should add this to every nutrient mix.
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plant magic Bio-Wetter is an organic wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant. This wetter contains natural bio stimulants and water tension breaking saponins
£9.99 (ex. VAT)
CANNA COGr Buffer Agent is a complete professional buffer concentrate for buffering and soaking none buffered coco. Unbeknown to many people CANNA COGr buffer agent is actually a Cal Mag.
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Proactive - Proactive pH Water Conditioner will balance the water used in your nutrient reservoir while acidifying and buffering its pH value – greatly limiting the effects of alkaline hydrolysis
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