Water Pump Timers

High qaulity precision water pump timers - suitable for all pumps
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  • Lumii Manual Timer
    The LUMii 24 Hour Plug In Timer is ideal for setting day and night on/off lighting periods, setting heater on periods and timing irrigation cycles.
  • Plant It Water timer
    The PLANTIT Water Timer can be used with mains water from a tap outlet or with a gravity feed system from a tank, water butt or reservoir.
  • Imperium Precision Timer Minute + Second
    Imperium Precision Timer Minute + Second the Imperium can be used with any timed grow system, it has 28 feed settings that can feed from 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button.
  • Imperium Plus Precision Feed Controller.
    Imperium Precision Plus Precision Feed Controller. The Imperium Plus is a precision feed controller which has been designed to feed little and often to produce maximum plant growth.
  • Ecotechnics Digital Precision Interval Timer
    Ecotechnics Digital Precision Interval Timer, Brand new digital timer from ecotechnics replacing the previous individual minute and second timers this is both in one unit.
  • GSE Water Pump Timer
    GSE Water Pump Timer, Consistent, accurate timing of irrigation or nutrient solution pumps is essential to grow a successful crop. This timer is ideal for scheduled Ebb & Flow systems, dripper systems or NFT systems.
  • Plant it Flood and Drain controller
    Plant it Flood and Drain controller A Great New Twin Flood and drain controller from plant it, for optimum feeding shceduales.