Ventilation Ducting

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  • Rhino Aluminium Ducting.
    Aluminium Ventilation Ducting. premium quality made by rhino. Comes in 5 meter lengths. use aluminium ducting to connect fans, silencers, carbon filters, etc.
  • Rhino Acoustic Ducting
    Silent Acoustic Ducting by Rhino, Acoustic Insulated Aluminium Ducting features 2 plies of tough aluminium foil/polyester laminate, sandwiching a noise suppressant material.
  • Rhino Combi Ducting
    Rhino Combi Ducting, a multi ply aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with a strong steel wire and spiral internal frame, rhino combi ducting is tare resistant, fire resistant and manufactured to strict european standards.

Variety of metallic ventilation ducting and insulated acoustic sound proof ducting