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TMC V2 Pure 360 Advanced Reverse Osmosis Machine 1360 LPD

"Advanced" unit incorporates a feature-packed in-line TDS monitor
which measures the Total Dissolved Solids value both before AND after water
passes through the V2Pure RO System, providing a visual indicator of its

Pure Water for Your Plants

The TMC V2 Pure Reverse osmosis system is a three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating high quality components.

10" sediment pre-filter which functions as a first stage filter, removing particles of up to 5 microns from the water whilst also protecting and prolonging the life of the RO membrane. This pre-filter is enclosed inside a transparent filter housing so it is easy to see when the filter needs to be changed.
10" activated carbon block filter which offers the highly effective removal of contaminants such as chlorine and colourants from the water.

High quality Thin Film Composite (TFC) RO membrane, which removes contaminants such as heavy metals and hardness-forming minerals from the water, as well as a high percentage of nitrates and phosphates.
Integral pressure gauge which helps to indicate when the RO membrane may need to be flushed or replaced, ensuring the RO system gives the optimum performance.
Integral flow restrictor/manual flush valve which prevents excess water flow to the RO membrane and allows regular flushing of the RO membrane to prolong its life.
Additional modules are available such as the V2 Pure De-ionising Pod which can be added to further enhance the performance of the RO system.
Compact, space-saving design incorporating a strong, metal wall-mounting bracket ensuring quick and simple installation.
Supplied complete with a self-piercing water connector, drain clamp, 6m of ¼" RO flexible tubing (2m white/2m red/2m blue) and a filter housing removal tool.

RO water production
capacities and contaminant rejection rates are based on an ambient
temperature of 25°C and a mains water operating pressure of 50 psi
(approx 3.5 bar). Please note that the RO water production capacity
and contaminant rejection rates will be reduced at lower ambient temperatures
and in areas of lower mains water pressures so this must be taken
into account  when choosing the correct RO model for your

TMC V2 Pure 360 Reverse Osmosis Machine 1360 LPD



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TMC V2 Pure 360 Advanced Reverse Osmosis Machine 1360 LPD

TMC V2 Pure 360 advanced Reverse Osmosis Machine 1360 LPD is a three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating high quality components.Advanced Measures Tds incoming and outgoing from the R/O Machine