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The Pi-technics Pi-Rack

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PI Rack Vertical Hydroponics  plant Growing system, 320 PLANT growing system. Easy to assemble, lightweight and compact (3msq) The complete system consists of 4 different modules, which can all be purchased as stand-alone packages.
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PI Rack Vertical Hydroponics  plant Growing system
Award Winning, And High Quality Pi Rack & Pi Grow System,

From The Industry Leader In Vertical Grow Systems Pi-Technics BV

Pi Technics B.V. has developed a compact 320 PLANT growing system. Easy to assemble, lightweight and compact (3.1415 m² ). The complete system consists of 8 different modules, which can all be purchased as stand-alone packages. Some growers will already have all the chokes and lighting equipment, others may grow without added CO2 or already have a nutrient control computer (although it will have fewer functions than our unique Pi Control computer). Dividing the system up into four modules keeps the initial investment low, with the option of adding extra modules at a later stage

The system should be placed in a self-contained room with adequate ventilation facilities and an adequate supply of fresh air. (The fresh air supply requirement depends on the volume of the room in m³).The large opening at the bottom of the module ensures adequate air circulation.

About the Pi rack

Each plant has its own purpose-built, patented 3.5 litre container, which is equipped with drainage holes and a basket to prevent blockages caused by the growing medium. The generous volume of these patented growing containers allows the plants to develop a strong root system. This improves the plants' ability to absorb nutrients. This method results in larger and more robust plants than systems that use under-dimensioned containers.

The built-in irrigation system waters each plant individually. There is no need to punch holes in hoses, feed hoses through convoluted spaces and fit a myriad of 90-degree elbows. No sprinkler pipes are required either, making it much easier to check the condition of the plants. 

Each patented container also has its own drainage facility. This completely eliminates the risk of diseases being propagated by water-borne cross-contamination.
As the plants are placed in a circle around the lamp, the distance from the lamp to the plant is always the same. All the plants are exposed to the same amount of light. This reduces the risk of poorly developed plants.

The module has been designed to accept 3 or 4 x 600 watt high-pressure sodium lamps that hang vertically in reflectorless cool-tubes. Each plant is fully exposed to the light generated by these lamps. You can also purchase a complete set by buying our  PI Grow

Compact and discretely packaged (4 boxes measuring 110x30x30 cm)
Lightweight (approx. 120 kg in total)
Complete with growing containers, sprinklers, drainpipes, hoses, etc.
Fast assembly and disassembly (click-system)
High yield
Designed to allow excellent air circulation
Separate water supply and drainage control for each individual plant
Dimensions Ø220x215 cm

lighting kits sold separately, you can buy the specific pi ight kits or build your own out of a couple of cool tubes and standard lights.

you will also need a min of 7500lph pump and a water tank of choice and size ( specific size and shape not essential )

delivered as a flat-pack in an unmarked box
Delivery is 10-14 working days" but please allow up to 21 days for busy periods & High Demand!  for an esitmated 
Collection by appointment  Available.

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