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Temperature & Humidity Monitors

Temperature and Humidity Meters and monitors.
Large Variety of grow room and green house thermometers, hygrometers, digital thermometers, digital hygrometers, temperature controllers, 2 in one meters, analogue and digital, min max, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidty monitoring.


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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Essentials Plastic Growroom thermometer, A traditional style thermometer for every day use. Can be used indoors or outdoor. Designed to be wall mounted.

Essentials Min/Max Combo Digital Hygrometer Thermo-Hygrometer - Simultaneously displays your growroom/greenhouse temperature & humidity

Essentials Digital 2 Way Min/Max Thermometer - Simultaneously displays your nutrient tank and growroom temperature reliably

Digital series Thermometer & Hygrometer & Clock Combined thermometer and hygrometer simultaneously displays temperature and humidity

Digital Series Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Combined thermometer and hygrometer with max/min memory, simultaneously displays temperature and humidity

Infrared Laser Thermometer Thermal Heat Gun, Thermal laser temperature guns are great for finding hot spots and measuring temperature at a distance, want to know how hot that ballast or fan is you cant reach?

Essentials Digital Moisture Meter, a great handy tool that allows you to monitor the moisture levels i your harvested tobacco, plants or flowers eliminating the possibility of mould or over drying.

Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat,  The LightHouse Wireless Thermostat is easy to use and set-up. The plug and play unit can control heating or cooling equipment by altering the setting.

Air Comfort - Bluetooth Hygrometer + Thermometer, The Aircomfort thermometer and hygrometer measures continually the temperature and humidity within your room. With multiple devices and one App,