Tapes adhesives and sealents

 Duct tape, metallic tape and a range of adhesive tapes and compounds for use in and around your growroom,

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  • PVC Duct Tape - Extra strong
    Rolls of the strongest tape on the planet, The one and only original duct tape!
  • Metallic Ducting Duct Tape - 50m
    We usually use this for fixing ducting onto fans, but it’s also useful for sticking up mylar and other types of reflective sheeting
  • Orca Grow Film Seal Tape
    Orca grow room seal tape is a highly reflective plastic microfiber seam tape. Designed to be used in conjunction with orca grow film but can be used with all reflective sheeting
  • Cable Ties pack of 100
    Cable Ties pack of 100 - white heavy duty plc strong multi purpose tie wraps