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Root!t Rootit First feed Specially formulated to give young plants the best start in life. ROOT!T First Feed contains everything required for healthy growing during the propagation stage.
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Rootit Rooting Gel - 150ml Amazing new rooting gel for cuttings. It roots in 3-4 days, no visible wilt, more root development and happy stress free clones from day one!
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VitaLink PlantStart is the ideal propagation nutrient and has been developed to help young plants grow well. It contains a key ratio of boron and calcium which is scientifically proven to promote fast and healthy early growh
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Seedling nutrient, Formulex is a 'soft' formulation nutrient developed especially to suit the more delicate requirements of cuttings (clones) and seedlings.
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Clonex rooting Gel - 50ml - Clonex is essential in the rooting process and will eliminate many early failures.
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Growth Technology - Clonex Mist is a unique foliar additive designed for propagation purposes that has been proven to contribute towards exceptional results when used in conjunction with the hugely popular and mightily effective Clonex Gel.
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Shogun Start, SHOGUN START is a delicate nutrient formulated to maximise plant establishment and root development. Containing balanced micro and macro nutrients alongside the SmartZen maximiser ingredient
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Canna Start is a balanced single-part nutrient for use on seedlings and (rooted) cuttings. Canna Start can be used on all mediums including Canna Terra SeedMix, Rockwool, Jiffy Plugs, Fleximix, Rootriot and many more.
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Nitrozyme is a highly concentrated extract from sea plants which contains a vast array of natural growth enhancers.
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Snoops Premium Nutrients - Start Research has shown that it’s bad practice to use grow nutrients at a reduced dilution rate when fertilizing clones and young plants
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Hydrotops Bioponic HeadStart Head Start is a combined full spectrum nutrient concentrate developed with the biochemical and nutritional needs of young plants and cuttings in mind.
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Xtreme Gardening Azos Beneficial Microbes, vegetive stage boost and incredible rooting gel. Azos promotes growth, while boosting natural root development. Azos has been used to help break 7 World-Records for plant growth, including a 2,000 lb. pumpkin
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plagron Start Up is a complete growth nutrient designed for your plants from germination of seeds and on through the growth phase. As well as fertiliser.
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Mills Nutrients - Start-R, This complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive is aimed for use during the seeding, growth and early bloom phases of your plants.
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Athena Cuts Rooting Gel, Athena Cuts Rooting Gel is a premium rooting gel formulated to propagate new plants from stem and leaf cuttings of mother plants.
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Athena Cuts Rooting Gel, Athena Cuts Rooting Gel is a premium rooting gel formulated to propagate new plants from stem and leaf cuttings of mother plants.

Nutrients and additives specific for seedlings, clones and cuttings. Young plants need less doses of nutrients, starter plant feed, clone feed, cloning gel and other plant foods for young and starting plants.