Self watering Plant Pots + Kits

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  • Autopot Self watering plant pots
    Autopot Automatic & Self watering pots variety of automated self watering plant systems and garden planters. Self watering Automated pots
  • Nutriculture Self watering systems
    Nutriculture Self watering systems, 4 plant 8 plant gravity fed self water planting systems suitable for all plants. Suitable for soil and coco growing mediums.
  • Alien Hydroponics EASYFEED Kits
    Alien Hydroponics EASYFEED Kits, EasyFeed is a revolutionary irrigation and hydroponic system that utilizes gravity to water soil, coco or any type of substrate. No water pumps or plug sockets required
Self watering Plant Pots + Kits, autopot self watering plant systems from 1-80 plants, alien easy feed auto feeding plant pots also require no pumps or electricity, designed for use with soil or coco growing mediums