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Reflective Sheeting

Reflective grow room mylars, white light tight mylar, black out mylar, diamond mylar, and various grades of silver reflectve mylar. Mylar is used to cover the walls and floor inside a grow room, to reflect back any light that hits the walls back to the plants for them to absorb, the more light the plants get the better the yields will be, dont waste like or under estimate the importance of it. non reflective surfaces absorb light.


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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products

HydroStick Wall Glue contact Adhesive, The HYDROSTIK is an Adhesive which will bond to most materials including Carpets & carpet tiles, felt, textiles, fabrics, insulation, wood, stone, concrete, plasters, some plastics, polythene, canvas, foam, cork, cardboard & paper.

Self Adhesive Zipper for diy grow room Ideal for making your own diy growroom out of the mylars and black out material that are available

Value Black & White Reflective Mylar Sheeting High levels of reflection and diffusion, the LightHouse Black White LITE sheeting has been manufactured to the highest levels to maximise the use of light in your growroom

Ultralux BLACK and WHITE Reflective Sheeting Mylar Black out and Reflective sheeting High quality black white sheeting to provide basic reflection and protection for plants. Can also be used for ground cover. Up 80% reflective capabilities.

Ultralux Flat White Reflective sheeting - light Tight Reflective Mylar with a centre fold. White both sides of the sheet but light tight to allow separate light cycles to perform within the same area.

Ultralux SILVER BLACK Reflective Mylar.. Up tp 99% reflective capabilities. Over 98% infra-red detection proof. Over 90% heat reflective capability. 100% light proof.

Ultralux Diamond Diffuse Reflective Sheeting , Diamond Diffusion Reflective Mylar A silver light proof diffusion foil, white and silver poly measuring 1.25m x 100m that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector.

Visqueen Premium Black & White MF Sheeting, The white coating helps to reflect light in a grow area whilst the black side will block out any external light.

Luxx Floor Secure Protective Plastic Covering, Created to save growers from the worry of water damage to their floors, this high-quality Floor Secure Sheeting is a non-ripping, heavy-duty plastic sheeting

Premium White Floor Secure Protective Plastic CoveringAll of our sheeting is UK manufactured and adhere to strict food grade standards in the manufacturing to ensure the highest grade of sheeting.

Metallic Tape -75mm x 50m We usually use this for fixing ducting onto fans, but it’s also useful for sticking up mylar and other types of reflective sheeting

Extra Strong PVC Duct Tape 48mm x 50m - Extra strong Rolls of the strongest tape on the planet, The one and only original duct tape!

2" White Cloth Duct Tape, This strong, versatile duct tape is incredibly useful for general tasks, but especially suited to joining or sealing in ventilation applications such as installing ducting

Premium Silver Metallic Duct Tape 72mm x 45m The Silver Foil Scrim Weave Tape is extremely strong and durable, ideal for use in a Growroom to deal with those large jobs! Ideal for securing ducting to fans and filters.