Reflective Mylar Sheeting

Reflective grow room mylars, white light tight mylar, black out mylar, diamond mylar, and various grades of silver reflectve mylar. Mylar is used to cover the walls and floor inside a grow room, to reflect back any light that hits the walls back to the plants for them to absorb, the more light the plants get the better the yields will be, dont waste like or under estimate the importance of it. non reflective surfaces absorb light.
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  • "Value" Silver Reflective Mylar sheeting
    "Value" Silver Reflective Mylar sheeting - Ultra high reflective mylar sheeting designed to be used for the interior of your grow room to reflect back escaping light so no light is lost. a grow room must.
  • White light tight Reflective Mylar Sheeting
    100% light tight, triple layered grow sheet with a centre fold. White both sides of the sheet but light tight to allow separate light cycles to perform within the same area.
  • Black White reflective Black out and Reflective sheeting
    Black White reflective Black out and Reflective sheeting High quality black white sheeting to provide basic reflection and protection for plants. Can also be used for ground cover. Up 80% reflective capabilities.
  • Premium Silver And Black Reflective Mylar
    Premium Silver & Black out.. Up tp 99% reflective capabilities. Over 98% infra-red detection proof. Over 90% heat reflective capability. 100% light proof.
  • Diamond Diffusion Reflective Mylar
    Diamond Diffusion Reflective Mylar A silver light proof diffusion foil, white and silver poly measuring 1.25m x 100m that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector.
  • Orca Grow Film Mylar
    orca grow film - Microfiber structure creates even light distribution across material surface regardless of incident angle of light. The resulting isotropic surface luminance eliminates hot spots and does not require surface to be hung flat
  • PolyShield Thermal Reflective Mylar
    PolyShield Thermal Reflective Mylar it is a black and silver reflective thermal radiation reflective polypropylene sheet. It has advanced properties through infused metals which give it special properties that are highly reflective, completely light tight and stops infra red heat
  • Megalux Megashield 1m Thermal image heat protection
    Megalux Megashield 1m Thermal image heat protection A black and silver zero thermal radiation reflective polypropylene mylar sheet that works in a similar way to ADF film but is more advanced.
  • PVC Duct Tape - Extra strong
    Rolls of the strongest tape on the planet, The one and only original duct tape!
  • Metallic Ducting Duct Tape - 50m
    We usually use this for fixing ducting onto fans, but it’s also useful for sticking up mylar and other types of reflective sheeting
  • Orca Grow Film Seal Tape
    Orca grow room seal tape is a highly reflective plastic microfiber seam tape. Designed to be used in conjunction with orca grow film but can be used with all reflective sheeting
  • Self Adhesive Zipper for diy growroom
    Self Adhesive Zipper for diy grow room Ideal for making your own diy growroom out of the mylars and black out material that are available
  • Lighthouse Floor Film Protective plastic 3m x 3m
    Lighthouse Floor Film Protective 3m x 3m, The LightHouse Floor Film has been specifically designed for use on the floor of a growroom and comes in a handy size of 3m x 3m.