Hg Hydroponics Reviews all its products, These are some of the best of the best and what we would use and recommened. The best equipment vs the best value, sometimes the best is expensive sometimes it isnt, with these products you can expect the best.
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  • Alien Odour Neutraliser Gel - Bubblegum
    Alien Gel Bubblegum fragrance - Strong Odour Neutraliser. Alien Gel Bubble Gum™ Odour Eliminating products are considered to be the strongest available on the market. They utilise high quality essential oils found in no other brand of odour control products
  • House and Garden Roots Excelurator
    House & Garden Roots Excelurator One of the most powerful root stimulator available in today's market and our top show-piece in the area of ultra-concentrated nutrients. Also cures and protects against pythium root rot
  • Green Qube Grow Tent GQ120L
    Green Qube Grow Tent GQ120 Green-Qube grow tents provide cutting edge, innovative design that is easy-to-assemble, strong and durable. These tents were designed and built to last. If you see a Green-Qube grow tent can instantly see the difference between it and the other tents on the market.
  • Advanced nutrients Big Bud Liquid
    Advanced nutrients Big Bud Liquid Dr. Hornby has spent many years of extensive research and profiling resin producing plants. His knowledge, passion and love for this work has produced unparalleled products that supercharge resin production and substantially increase yield
  • Hygrozyme - Natural cleaner for growing mediums
    Hygrozyme is the result of over 10 years of research, testing and approvals to get it to market. Developed, perfected and field-tested with the help of hydro growers, farmers and industry professionals.
  • Iceline Hydroponic Hose Piping 4mm
    Iceline Hydroponic Hose Piping. A very simple product that has a huge effect on nutrient temperatures. a unique dual core construction cools your nutrients by 10% instantly
  • 1 - 4 pot DWC + Drip Feed Hybrid Kit
    1 - 4 pot Hybrid Dwc Kit - recently become the best selling and most popular method of hydroponics on the market due to its simple easy to use design and incredibly high yield producing capabilities, This 4 pot hybrid system is a mix of dwc and drip feed.
  • 100 Litre Automatic Nutrient Top Up Kit
    100 Litre Automatic Nutrient Top Up Kit. Automatically Top up any hydroponic system or soil based system with a tank by adding this 100 litre automatic top up system.
  • 600w Dimlux Expert Series UHF EL 400v
    600w Dimlux Expert Series UHF EL 400v The highest output – light output – by virtue of the overdrive technology (lumen boost). The broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts. the reflector has a 98% reflection.
  • ADF Metalllised Heat Re-Sealable Bags
    ADF Metalllised Heat Re-Sealable Bags, Heat Re-Sealable Bags Keep your dried herb crops fresh...Our range of heat re-sealable bags are the ideal product to maintain the freshness of all herbs and seeds.
  • Adjust a Wing Avenger adjustable Reflector
    The New "genuine" Adjustawing Avenger reflector is now available in silver, produced from a new generation of glass coated flexible aluminium material that is 97% reflective and comes with a 25 year Guarantee against corrosion
  • Aeroponic Propagator - Aeropod Mini
    Aeroponic Propagator - The Aeropod mini Aeroponic Propagator will Achieve Perfect seedlings and clones every time with the Aeropod Aeroponic Propagator a great starter system for young plants and seedlings, automatic feeding.
  • Alien - Plant Scrog Net
    Alien - Plant Scrog Net. Alien Scrog net brought to you by Aiien Hydroponic Systems. Used for supporting, tying down and controlling your large plants to maximise yields
  • Alien EasyFeed System - 10 Litre
    Alien 2 pot EasyFeed System, The Infamous and award winning alien hydorponics has just released the new EasyFeed system, it is a revolutionary irrigation and hydroponic system that utilizes gravity to water soil, coco or any type of substrate
  • Alien Hydroponics  XL Flood & Drain kits
    Alien Hydroponics XL Flood & Drain kits, The award winning alien hydroponics Flood and drain system is now available in an XL version with super huge 20 litre pots for even bigger yields! The xl Model also use 32mm pipe and fittings.
  • Alien Hydroponics 4 pot RDWC Kit
    Alien Hydroponics multi pot RDWC Dwc kit One of the best and most sophisticated multi pod DWC Hydroponic kits from Alien hydroponics. A no Frills version of there award winning RDWC Pro range.
  • Atami BloomBastic
    The Future is here! The unique combination of elements in Blombastic will trigger explosive sugar and bloom production that will ensure a soft, sweet flavor of the bloom in addition to large compact buds. 10/10!
  • Atami Rootbastic
    Atami Rootbastic, Rootbastic ensures a healthy and proper development of the root system of the plant. Following the successful and popular Bloombastic, Atami now presents with great pride a new variant, Rootbastic.
  • Autosmart Blast Bubblegum Spray
    Autosmart Blast Bubblegum odour remover Spray, multi purpose high power spray, incredibly potent and strong, one spray is all it takes, suitable for all types of odour, plants, pets, cars etc
  • Bluelab Cf truncheon Digital Nutrient Meter
    The Bluelab Truncheon is the worlds best selling, most simple and reliable nutrient truncheon, it measures the nutrient strength of a solution automatically. it is fully waterproof and has auto on/off feature. highly recommended.
  • Buddhas Tree Booster Trio - Flower Burst, Pk 9/18 And Advanced Meta Boost
    Buddhas Tree Trio - Pk 9/18, Flower Burst & Meta Boost! Fat Results with a slim price, just how we like it! A great uk designed and made brand creating huge waves in the uk market with their great results and value for money
  • Custom Grow room Design
    Custom Growroom Design We now by demand offer a service where we will use our expertese in the insdustry to design your small scale or commercial scale growroom
  • Dimlux Expert 315w Full Spectrum
    Dimlux Expert 315w Full Spectrum Grow light The highest output – light output – by virtue of the overdrive technology (lumen boost). Highest relfector rate in the industry at 98%
  • Dutch Pro Additives Set
    Dutch Pro Additives Set - Dutch pro have been amsterdams finest for over 33 years. Their reputation for unmatched quality represents a straight forward guide to professional guardening with out a 100 different bottles. multi total, explode and Take Root.
  • Dutch Pro Explode
    Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective BOOSTER, its a bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. The Recipe is a Dutch Secret. Amsterdam Finest.
  • Dutch Pro Nutrient Set
    Dutch Pro Complete Nutrient Set, Dutchpro is one of the pioneers (“ of old school Amsterdam”) One of hollands best selling commercial brands for over 30 years, An old skool award winning formula that your plants will thrive on on like nothing you have seen before. used by over 75% of dutch commercial growers.
  • Eco - Mini Stealth Grow Cabinet
    Grow plants 2-3 x bigger and 2x3 as quick with our all new mini stealth grow cabinet, It is one of the most discreet grow box's on the market! Grow 1 to 20 plants from start to finish with Excellent results either in soil, coco or hydroponics.
  • Ecotechnics Evolution Temperature & Humidity Controller
    Ecotechnics Evolution Temperature & Humidity Controller Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors in your grow room / glasshouse. This controller warms up the room when you need it to and cools the room down when you need it to
  • Ecothrive Charge Natural Bio stimulant.
    Ecothrive Charge Natural Bio stimulant. Charge is a 100% naturally-produced potting soil enhancer that offers a wide range of biological benefits to your plants. Charge boosts and prolongs the fertility of your potting mix by adding a balance of long-lasting primary nutrients in a highly available form
  • FoxFarm Cha-Ching
    Fox Farm Cha-Ching FoxFarm engineered Cha Ching® to maximize a plant’s production. Every stage of the growing cycle demands optimal nutrition. Cha Ching is an outstanding flowering booster from the usa.
  • Foxfarm Mega Yields Set - Open sesame Cha-Ching Beastie Bloomz
    Foxfarm Mega Yields Set - Open sesame Cha-Ching Beastie Bloomz 3 Part Flowering stage trio of soluble nutrients from Foxfamr nutrients in the usa. Amazing professional grade boost nutrients - 3 steps to sucess you could say.
  • Foxfarm Open Sesame
    Foxfarm Open Sesame Open Sesame® is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer that’s designed to bring plants into bloom at your command. Just say the magic words. Amazing early stage flowering booster from the usa.
  • Gavita pro 600w E Series SE UK - 400v
    The GAVITA Pro 600 is part of the GAVITA Pro-line series, offering you the latest technology in a series of rugged, professional state of the art fixtures, reflectors and electronic ballasts. The GAVITA Pro 600 electronic ballast works on 240V, but drives a professional high voltage electronic horticultural lamp.
  • Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 6" 150mm
    Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 6" 150mm - It doesnt just look the part, its an all round solid quality fan from the fittings to the motor, they run at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air, we highly recommend them.
  • Gen 200 Control
    Gen 200 Control GEN200 ensures the growth regulation and natural defense-system. This ensures the plant to have better resistance against diseases and distresses such as heat and cold.
  • GHE 3 PART Nutrient Set
    GHE 3 PART Nutrient Set Used by Nasa. Best Seller and favourite in america the uk and around the world for many professional growers due to its consistant incredible results at a low cost, a tried tested and favourite for many years. Often immitated never betterd.