Recirculating Pots

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  • Plant it Gemini Recirculating pots
    Plant it Gemini Recirculating pots, a great entry level recirculating pot system, does a great job of providing lots of oxygen to the roots. hard to beat for the price. a re take on GHE famous the aqua farm.
  • GHE Recirculating Systems
    GHE Recirculating hydroponics Systems, available in small, large and multi pot systems, GHE are one of the original pioneers in hydroponics systems and nutrients production.
  • Bubblebox Recirculating pots
    Bubblebox Recirculating pots, bubble box hydroponics systems, a HUGE single or twin plant recirculating dripping kit and systems for larger style plants, all fittings and attachments included, just add plants and medium.
  • Flo-Gro Recirculating pots
    Flo-Gro Recirculating pots and systems, these are great for individual plants, large ones in particular like banana plants or aloe ver plants as the unit is designed to hold a very large root base.
  • Brummie Bubblers
    Brummie Bubblers, apparently designed and born in birmingham in the uk, its not the prettiest of system's but my god does it work, the more air stones and air you put in the water the bigger and badder the root system will be!
  • Green Air - Green Man Dwc Combi Kits
    Green Air - Green Man Dwc Combi Kits, THE BEST GROW SYSTEM for the best yields!The Green Man System is a unique and versatile combination growing system, it was designed and manufactured by. Green Air U.K.

Variety of hydropoics recirculating pots and systems.