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Plant & Seedling Propagation Tent Package

if you are looking for everything you need to start and maintain perfect healthy seedlings custtings or clones then you need our complete propagation kit, with everything you will need to grow and maintain perfect clones and seeds time and time again, just add seeds and water!

Grow up to 100 seeds or clones at once with our complete propagation kit.
for quicker harvests, you can start your next batch of seeds or clones before your main room even finishes which will usually save at least 2 weeks! 
Add optional 50ml clonex and scalpel if you plan to do your own clones

Whats included in The Propgation Tent Kit

1 x secret jardin dp60 - 0.6 x 0.4 x 0.4
1 x 26w root it led propagation light
1 x Root it Xl Unheated propagator
1 x Full Tray of 1 + 1/2" rockwool starter Cubes ( approx 75 ) Or 77 x root riot Starter Sponges
1 x lumii timer
1 x Digital Series Temperature & Humidity Meter.
1 x 250ml Shogun Start
1 x 250ml shogun Katana ( for huge roots )
1 x 10ml measuring syringe 
1 x 750ml spray bottle



Customer Reviews

Propagation Tent Package

Complete Propagation Tent Package, are you looking for super healthy cuttings seedlings or clones? grow up to a hundred cuttings and seedlings in this perfect seedling grow tent package, everything you need to maintain and grow healthy cuttings clones cuttings and seeds.