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  • Unheated Propagators
    keep your seedlings and young plants warm and moist with a propagator
  • Heated Propagators
    Selection of heated propagators to keep your seedling clones or young plants at an optimum level!
  • Aeroponic propagators
    Aeroponic propagtors are the best on the market and give the grower the quickest route to healthy transplants. Seeds or cuttings
  • Vitopod Giant Propagator's
    The Vitopod Propagator is a large heated height-adjustable propagator, a mini greenhouse and a cold frame all wrapped up into one - it possesses a range of high specification features, making it the most talked about propagator amongst gardeners
  • Propagator Heat Mats
    Propagator Heat Mats - increase and control the temp and humidity of your propagator with a rootit Propagator Heat Mat and thermostat
  • Propagation lids and domes
    Range of propagation lids and domes for sqaure and round plant pots! Turn your plant pot in to a propagator
  • Propagation lighting
    Selection of propergation lights perfect for seedling and small plants
  • Propagation tents
    Plant propagation tents, specially designed grow tents for small and young plants from cuttings or seeds. perfect for the job!
  • Propagation Nutrients
    Propagation Related Nutrients Nutrients, Nutrients for seeds and clones as well as cutting gels and nutrient formulas for new, small and delicate plants
  • Propagation Accessories
    Selection of propagation accessories inc clonex rooting gel, hormone boost, jiffy plugs, & heater controls etc

Variety of  propagators and accessories for maintaining young plants and sedlings.