Plant Nutrients

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  • Base Nutrients.
    Huge Selection of Advanced Garden Nutrients and plant food. Base Nutrients for hydroponics, Base Nutrients for soil, Base nutrients for coco, The Best brands from around the world.
  • Nutrient & Booster Kits
    Nutrient Packages Pre made nutrient packages from the best brands, hobby to grand master and professional nutrient and feed kits.
  • Early Stages & Cuttings
    A range of additives and essentials for your seeds and cuttings including, clonex, rooting gels, etc
  • Root Growth & Health
    Selection of root growth promoters from the leading brands, the better and bigger your root system, the more you plants can uptake nutrients.!
  • Vegetive Stage Boosters
    Vegetive Stage Boosters, large selection of boosters to speed up the growth and vegetive stages of the plants cycle, canna, advanced nutrients, dutch pro, hesi, metro, atami,
  • Flowering Stage Boosters
    Flowering Stage Boosters Added boost vitamins & minerals for the final stages from canna, atami, house and garden, dutch pro, ionic, metrop,
  • Beneficials, Enzymes, Microbes, Good Bacterias Etc
    Selection of additives, and individual concentrated nutrients for health, root mass, plant protection, enzymes etc
  • Insect & Pest Defence
    Plant Health & Pest Defence Range of plant protection and plant health products, for spider mites, gnats, flys, black, flys, white green flys, bugs,
  • Silicon And Silica
    Silicon is an essential part of the building blocks of plants but is not available in hydroponics growing like it is in soil plants so silicon needs to be regularly added to hydroponics grown plants
  • Humics, Fulvics, Amino Acids & Vitamins
    Large range of the best humid acids, vilvic acids and vitamins and minerals.
  • General Additives & Enhancers
    General Additives & Enhancers, all round additives and enhancers, use through out the entire life cycle off the plant alongside your current nutrient schedules, generally these products wont increase your ec but they will increase your yields and root mass.
  • Element Additives
    Individual Elements, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium.
  • Room, equipment, medium and pipe cleaners
    Room, equipment and pipe cleaners Variety of Miscellaneous cleaners additives, sprays etc Hydro Pipe & Room Cleaners
  • Co2 Additives
    Co2 Additives nutrients bags, powders buckets and other various co2 release systems designed for indoor grow rooms and grow tents.
  • Wetting Agents
    Wetting agents help plants absorb nutrients through foliar feeding, Range of wetting agents from advanced nutrients, hydrogarden, growth technology etc
  • Plant Health & Problems
    Plant Health & Problems. A Range of solutions, cures, and plant reviving health products to bring your plants back to life.
  • Flush, Finishing & Harvest
    Get rid of unwanted nutrients and salts and improve taste, A selection flushing agents, finishing and harvesting aids or soil and hydroponics
  • Nutrient Testers & Samples
    Testers & Sample Nutrients and Additives,

Plant nutrients, nutrients for soil, nutrients for coco growing, nutrients for all types of professional, exotic and commerical growing, When Growing a plant in its full cycle, ideally you need a grow (veg) Nutrient, and a bloom (flowering nutrient) you would then ideally add a booster to the final stages to increase size and or weights, all other nutrients arent essential but do help.

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