Plant Health & Problems

Do you have plant health problems? we probably have something here to sort that problem right out for you.
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  • Bud Rot Stop
    This 100% natural organic concentrate is diluted to apply with a trigger spray such as the PestOff Pistol.
  • Guard N Aid Healthy Leaf & Bud 250ml
    Guard N Aid Healthy Leaf & Bud 250ml, A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients to promote plant health in hydroponic and soil based systems.
  • Advanced Nutrients Revive Crop Protection
    Advanced nutrients Revive’s rejuvenating substances race into roots and up into stems and leaves, bringing healing energy and nutrients to each cell. Pretty soon, your formerly-yellow, wilting, curling, suffering hydroponics plants are standing tall,.
  • Dutch Pro Leaf Green
    Dutch Pro Leaf Green gives the plants a healthy and vital look. Dutch Pro Leaf Green is especially recommended for plants that have noticeable difficulties with their development. It also gives plants with a yellowish discolouring a fresh green colour.
  • Guard n Aid Rot Stop
    Guard n Aid Rot Stop A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria to promote plant and root health in hydroponics and soil/coir based systems.
  • Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer - Foliar spray
    Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer - Foliar spray. The original moonshine is now available in a foliar spray!
  • Plant Magic PYTH Pythium Tablets
    Plant Magic PYTH Tabz Growers country wide now start to panic due to higher temperatures. The risk of getting Pythium for many forces them to reduce their harvest or give up altogether.
  • Buddhas Tree Defender
    Buddhas Tree Defender works like an innoculation for your plants. Made up of cleverly adapted Phosphorus molecules, once plants are treated, these molecules are absorbed into the root tissues
  • Flairform Pythoff Nutrient Conditioner
    Pythoff maximizes the effective working life of water and nutrient, and helps prevent plumbing blockages,
  • Vitalink Chill
    VitaLink Chill is designed to encourage plants to not only cope when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius but to thrive in these climates.
  • Vitalink Heat
    Vitalink Heat - Help plants grow and thrive when temperatures drop below 5 degrees Celsius using VitaLink Heat. An advanced bio stimulant designed for use by growers striving to achieve maximum yield
  • Vitalink Hydrate
    When incorporated from the very start of growth, VitaLink Hydrate will help plants through periods of water stress. For plants that are being grown with a risk of interruption to water or nutrient supply.
  • Dr Zymes Bug Eliminator Discontinued
    Doctor Zymes Bug Eliminator It is highly effective, killing all mites, including spider mite, thrips, aphids and whiteflies, their eggs and larvae. It removes the biomass of molds, mildews and fungus
  • Ed rosenthal's zero tolerance Organic Fungicide
    Ed rosenthal's zero tolerance Organic Fungicide, kills existing plant diseases fast and prevents new fungal problems from starting.
  • Growth technology liquid oxygen oxy-plus
    Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is a highly unstable molecule. It will quickly break down in the nutrient tank releasing a free atom of oxygen
  • Halo - Harpin Made By Nasa
    halo Harpin is designed by NASA By stimulating your plants growth and stress-defence responses, HALO not only improves resistance to disease but also provides an impressive growth and flowering response
  • House & Garden Magic Green
    House & Garden Magic Green is a boost for mother plant rooted and unrooted slips and growing plants. Magic Greeen is administered by means of spray with a spray bottle
  • HydroTops Bactivator
    Hydrotops Bactivator - 100% effective Organic Spider mite control & Pythium Defense ( aka root rot ) it is 100% organic bio-stimulation and the natural foundation of a healthy hydroponic system. By recreating the conditions found in a good rich organic topsoil. Comes Highly Recommended.
  • Hygrozyme - Natural cleaner for growing mediums
    Hygrozyme is the result of over 10 years of research, testing and approvals to get it to market. Developed, perfected and field-tested with the help of hydro growers, farmers and industry professionals.
  • Proactive - Self Defence 1L
    Proactive - Self Defence 1L, Acts as a vaccine, putting your plants on high alert against the first signs of disease. Contributing to the meristematic activity within your plants at a very high level.
  • Shield - Bac-off
    Shield - Bac-off, Shield Bac off is a very clever product which uses essential oils to kill fungus molds and bacteria in your grow room or grow tent.
  • Superthrive plant tonic
    Superthrive All round plant tonic, The world renowned SUPERthrive is a great plant tonic and general growth promoter. Plants require more than one vitamin for optimum performance. SUPERthrive is full of vitamins & hormones.