PC Grow Room Pro V4 + Starter Kit

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Our All New "PC GROW ROOM PRO" mk2 grow box is one of the smallest self contained growing systems on the market! Grow one to 4 small plants from start to finish, Just add the water and seeds! Unbeleavable results from micro growing.
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We are the sole maker and supplier of the Original "Pc Growroom Pro"

 Our All New "PC GROW ROOM" is the smallest self contained growing system on the market! Grow one to three small plants from start to finish, with low hassle, low cost, less mess, and most importantly discreatly with rapid turn around times! Just add water and seeds!


Hg-Hydroponics would like to introduce to you the all new plug & play "Pc Grow Room Pro" the latest addition to our "PC GROW ROOM" range. Its Bigger Better, and produces even better results than ever before using the new purpose built in dual spectrum ultra low heat purpose made bulbs! Just plug it it plant your seeds and away you go!

Our All New "PC GROW ROOM PRO" is one of the smallest but functional self contained growing systems on the market! Grow one to 3 small plants from start to finish ( in soil or hydro), with low hassle, low cost low mess, and most importantly quickly!

We are the original producer of the pc grow room range. The Pc grow room Pro is an amazing piece of kit, that produces unbelievable results within a small self contained growing environment. It uses the latest in hydroponics, equipment, lighting, and grow room technology all built, hidden & confined within in a, inconspicuous real pc!

The New pc pro grow box version has the Same great features & cool looks as the original best selling PC Grow box, but with added cooling power (large extra high power fans & new dual spectrum bulb). Plus this new edition features an extra large grow volume and much higher yield capacity. The unit looks like a pc computer tower case and all i can say is the pictures really don’t do it justice. Up close this kit looks seriously cool. Definitely a must have for all you gadget lovers!
There is also the option to control the unit by remote from anywhere in the house!

The Pc Grow room pro is perfect for anyone who wants to discreatly grow,  learn how to grow, or grows as a hobby, it is very cheap to run and maintain, Roughly around 50p a week! Due to the latest technology in lighting! no more expensive and dangerous hps bulbs!

The "PC GROWROOM" is perfect for an expert or beginner, it comes with a 500 page e-book and a tutorial videos on hydroponics and advanced gardening which we will include for free, 

The main advantage of the pc growroom is that it it does 99% of the work for you! So if your going on holiday for 2 weeks then then the pc growroom will look after and feed the plants for you! ( additional hydro kit needed)
The pc grow room has an optional remote controll transmitter, so if you need to quickly neutralize all power to the unit it can be done so in an instant with a remote controll key fob (optional)

Growing plants in a Pc Grow room works in the same principal as growing bonsai trees, you train and control the plant to grow to a certain size and in a certain way, this allows you to maximize results within a confined area. The idea is to prune, train & shape the plants to stop them growing out of control and producing excessive amounts of leaf or unwanted material.

The Pc grow room allows you to grow any tropical or non plant indoors by using the latest technology in artificial lighting. As im sure you are aware we are not all lucky enough to be living in a country that allows us to grow any plant out doors!

How do i know it will work? well put it this way, as long as you have the right type of light, fresh air ventilation, and the right food and maintain the correct ph level... you could grow a plant in a large cardboard box or even under the bed! so yes it 100% does work and plants will grow large and fast inside the pc grow box!

The Box can be used from seed to flower ( start to finish ) due to the specially made bulbs that replicate the full spectrum of the sun ( 99% of all pc grow room rip offs on the market use multiple general house hold bulbs or totally useless bulbs that will grow you nothing but skinny stretched useless plants(hence why ours isn’t the cheapest… but it is the best! )


Basically….Anything! Fruit, vegtables, flowers, herbs, pretty much anything, you can grow any type of plant in this unit starting from seeds or clone ( also makes excellent clone/seed or mother plant box)

125w Dual spectrum & High Power ecolight Cfl
Chassis Dimensions: 56.5 cm x 54.5 cm x 24 cm
Matt Black extra large Case With removable Side Panel for easy access
Top of the range ultra cool pc case
Fully Lined in 99% heat and light reflective material
Adjustable 25 cm Ventilation Fans
Digital temperature and humidity gage for accurate temperature control
( records lowest & Highest temps )
item Comes Pre Built – Just screw in the bulb!
Automatic timers control the lights
Comes complete with al required, wires, plugs, adapters,
Grows up to 1lb + of plant matter anually 

The Pc Grow box uses the latest lighting technology specifically designed with micro growers in mind, With this unit we will supply you with 1 x 125w genuine high powers low heat dual spectrum cfl bulb (high lumen power), as plants need different & certain light spectrums to perform best at different stages of their growth.  
These bulbs are not like your everyday fluorescent bulbs they produce over 10 x time more lumens that a normal fluorescent bulb (it is the amount of lumens that is important for the plant to grow! Not the amount of wattage) for example a 200w watt house bulb may produce 100 lumens but a 100w envirolight will produce close to 10,000 lumens

These eco-light bulbs are ultra low heat which means you can basically touch the bulb with your hands, this allows the plants to produce a considerably larger amount of plant matter and allows them to grow as large as is physically possible in a confined space without worrying about heat burn and damage to the plants, (unlike conventional hps bulbs which need to at least 6" - 12" inches away from the bulb or the plants will burn.)
The light unit is built in to the case with an internal ballast and is controlled by an analogue 24 hour timer, so you can set  the light to automatically turn on and at the same time everyday so you don’t have to manually do this twice a day

Extremely Cool Running Temperatures Due 25cm Fans!
Over 425 CFM Air Moving Capability!
The micro design of the PC Grow Box is breathtaking; inspired by a "jet turbine" design. but Better yet it functions like one too! 

Your plants can never get too much fresh air. Plants thrive on oxygen and co2 moving across their leaves for healthy plant growth. Installed in the side panel of your PC Grow Box is a huge, and powerful 25cm turbine circulation fan. This ensures you plants will always stay cool no matter how large they grow. The PC Grow Box features a  over powered cooling fans to keep your plants cool and happy!

The pc growroom comes with an advanced Digital display hygrometer that simultaneously displays the inside temperature & Humidity reliably while also recording the overnight min and max temps. The temperature monitoring system Features extreme temperature audible alarm, designed with a large LCD display for easy reading. Wall or surface mounted to suit your needs. Batteries included


You will be sent a instruction manual via email, we also have a tutorial on youtube 


If you have a problem, need help or can’t find the answer to your question or would just like a little advice, we offer 24/7 email support and daily live chat so you can speak to us in person about your problem or question!


Example of how deep water culture works

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System
The Same Technology Used in Our Larger Commercial Units

Deep water culture is the system whereby the roots of plants are suspended in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. It is a pure form of hydroponics because the roots are exposed directly to the nutrient solution. This technique is very good to use with plants that are heavy feeders, like tomatoes. As the roots take in oxygen, they are bathed in the nutrient solution as needed. A powerful aquatic air pump in the reservoir provides the oxygen crucial to healthy plant growth. Deep water culture allows you, the grower, easy access to the roots for inspection and pruning as needed.

Leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, chard and herbs do best in this type of hydroponic system. Strawberries grow beautifully in deep water culture as well. Deep water culture gardens are also available in our larger commercial growing units.  


Seedlings & clones are inserted into your mesh basket filled with a growing medium (Hydroton Rocks & Rockwool Cubes). The baskets are suspended over an enclosed reservoir. The roots will search for the nutrient in the reservoir through the growing media and sides of mesh basket.

They will find the water and nutrients they need directly below. In case of power failure, your plants will survive for some time as they still have access to oxygen, water, and nutrients!

    You will notice plants grown hydroponically will grow on average 5-10x faster than those in soil. The reason is the roots don't need to work as hard to obtain the nutrients they desire.

In hydroponics oxygen rich nutrient solution is fed directly to your plants root system. In turn a smaller root mass means less root development time, and results in vigorous new plant growth and larger yields. The deep water culture hydroponic system included in the PC Grow Box is a very effective way to grow a small number of plants quickly.



If you have a problem, need help or cant find the answer to your question or would just like a little advice, we offer 24/7 email support and daily live chat so you can speak to us in person about your problem or question!


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