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£8.29 (ex. VAT)
Lumii Growroom Lenses are the ideal set of glasses to wear when working under intense HID lighting
£52.46 (ex. VAT)
Plantit Led Herb Gardent he PLANT!T Herb Garden is a handy all-in-one self-watering system that will allow you to grow fresh herbs and lettuces in your home.
£3.29 (ex. VAT)
Canna Tap Cap, replace the standard lid with this official canna tap cap, press button on top to release nutrient
£10.83 (ex. VAT)
High Performance Extended & Standard Core Pallet Stretch Film Supplied on extended cores, acting as handles to eliminate the need for a machine 250ml rolls heavy duty
£4.13 (ex. VAT)
Cable Ties pack of 100 - white heavy duty plc strong multi purpose tie wraps
£41.63 (ex. VAT)
Custom Growroom Design We now by demand offer a service where we will use our expertese in the insdustry to design your small scale or commercial scale growroom
From: £1.00
£0.83 (ex. VAT)
White Plastic Plant Labels 100mm Pack of 50, white plastic plant and shrub labels, for keeping check on which plants are which, heavy duty white plastic comes in a pack of 50
£12.46 (ex. VAT)
Mini Pocket digital weighing scales, Mini pocket digital weighing scales, multi purpose, for soil samples, jewellery, precious metals, powder soil nutrients, cooking etc.
£16.63 (ex. VAT)
Portable multi purpose digital weighing scales, Great portable and reliable digital weighing scales for jewellery, soil samples, weighing poweder nutrients, etc etc.
£24.96 (ex. VAT)
Multi Purpose Digital Scales 5kg - 0.1g, This is a Smart, Good Looking, Space Saving Accurate Set of Scales! It is a really smart looking and, yes elegant looking set of scales for your Garden tool Box.
£8.29 (ex. VAT)
Self Adhesive Zipper for diy grow room Ideal for making your own diy growroom out of the mylars and black out material that are available

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