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  • Lumii Lenses growroom glasses
    Lumii Growroom Lenses are the ideal set of glasses to wear when working under intense HID lighting
  • Canna Spanner
    Canna Spanner is for opening those hefty and often difficult 5 litre 10 litre and 20 litre bottles.
  • Canna Tap Cap
    Canna Tap Cap, replace the standard lid with this official canna tap cap, press button on top to release nutrient
  • Garland Soil Scoop
    Garland Soil Scoop Flat based scoop moulded in mylon for outstanding strength. ideal for potting soils coco and clay pebbles for easy use.
  • Plastic Tweezer - pincer
    Plastic tweeers pincers for handling seed, clones and other delicate items. great for poking seed holes in to rock wool etc
  • Sound Level Meter - DB  Decibel Meter
    Sound Level Meter - DB Decibel Meter Digital Sound Level Meter 30-130dBA Decibel DB Noise Monitor Pressure Tester
  • Self Adhesive Zipper for diy growroom
    Self Adhesive Zipper for diy grow room Ideal for making your own diy growroom out of the mylars and black out material that are available
  • Black Pallet shrink wrap  250m
    High Performance Extended & Standard Core Pallet Stretch Film Supplied on extended cores, acting as handles to eliminate the need for a machine 250ml rolls heavy duty
  • Cable Ties pack of 100
    Cable Ties pack of 100 - white heavy duty plc strong multi purpose tie wraps
  • Thirsty light Led moisture meter
    Thirsty light Led moisture meter the Thirsty Light Bugs are a digital plant moisture sensor that blinks an LED light to alert the user as to when it is time to water a potted plant.
  • Small Garden trowel
    Small Garden trowel - Great for potting plants and general gardening tasks
  • Custom Grow room Design
    Custom Growroom Design We now by demand offer a service where we will use our expertese in the insdustry to design your small scale or commercial scale growroom
  • Lighthouse Floor Film Protective plastic 3m x 3m
    Lighthouse Floor Film Protective 3m x 3m, The LightHouse Floor Film has been specifically designed for use on the floor of a growroom and comes in a handy size of 3m x 3m.
  • Mini Pocket digital weighing scales
    Mini Pocket digital weighing scales, Mini pocket digital weighing scales, multi purpose, for soil samples, jewellery, precious metals, powder soil nutrients, cooking etc.
  • Plant Shrub & Bedding Labels
    Plant Shrub & Bedding Labels, Plastic white reusable heavy duty plant tags and labels for plsnts, shrubs bushes and small trees.
  • White Plastic Plant Labels 100mm Pack of 50
    White Plastic Plant Labels 100mm Pack of 50, white plastic plant and shrub labels, for keeping check on which plants are which, heavy duty white plastic comes in a pack of 50
  • Portable multi purpose digital weighing scales
    Portable multi purpose digital weighing scales, Great portable and reliable digital weighing scales for jewellery, soil samples, weighing poweder nutrients, etc etc.
  • Bungee Support Hooks
    Bungee Support Hooks, Strong elasticated bungee hooks, suitable for hanging and support, ducting, lights, smaller filters, fans, tube radiators, cableing, and or other grow room related equipment and accesories.