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Metal Ducting Reducer Reducing Collar​​​​​​​

Steel ducting Reducers are useful for fitting fans, filters & silencers to other various sized pieces of equipment, for example you would be able to connect  8 inch ducting to a 10" fan. or the other way around, It is also useful if you have a large powerful fan but wish to make a smaller hole in the wall of your building. A reducer will help you do this. Below we list the most commonly used reducers,

 Solid metal Reducing collars, high quality long lasting

315mm - 250mm metal ducting reducer
250mm - 200mm metal ducting reducer
200mm - 150mm metal ducting reducer
150mm - 125mm metal ducting reducer
125mm - 100mm metal ducting reducer



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Metal Ducting Reducer Reducing Collar

Metal Reducer Reducing Collar 100mm - 125mm 4"-5" we sell all sizes of metal reducers, Metal reducing collars are used for connecting variously different sized equipment,