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Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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MABO is a newly developed fire fighting product which contains an innovative chemical solution in a small resin bottle of only 500 ml in size.
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Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher

MABO is a newly developed fire fighting product which contains an innovative chemical solution in a small resin bottle of only 500 ml in size. The MABO automatic fire extinguisher is suitable for use with Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammabe liquids) and Class C (flammable gases) fires.

The MABO extinguisher is essentially a capsule containing the specially designed chemicals, when it reaches 84°C, the capsule explodes, without any human intervention. It puts out the fire immediately and creates a fire retarding effect to prevent  the  reignition of the combustibles. The installation of MABO is easy and does not require formal training, therefore it can be used by anyone in any environment. It allows you to escape the immediate danger of smoke inhalation, fire and potential death. MABO is harmless for people and environment, fully biodegradable, free of residue, and requires no maintenance.

These extinguishers are perfect to provide peace of mind within your growing environment where a lot of electrical equipment, heat and water can be a source of worry, which certainly is not ideal when our main focus should be the well being of our plants. MABO is the solution:

Suitable for extinguishing Class A, B and C fires
MABO one per 12-16m closed or semi-open space
Product life 10 years maintenance free
Prevents re-ignition 
Small dimensions and weight incl. holder 1kg 
Tested and approved according to EC standards  67/548/EEC
Easy to clean away
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