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Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7
Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7
Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7
Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7
Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7

Product Description

Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7

Lumii Xled V6 680w Led Full fixture, full spectrum grow light with even more spread.
Brand new fro lumii comes the lumii xled V6 Led Grow light new for 2024


Can Be connected to the lumii Xled Controller

Driver Driven! No Ballast Needed!

1870 PPF
2.75 Umol

lasts 50,000 hours
Dimensions - 100cm x 100cm x 10cm
LUMii XLEDv6 680w LED fixture is a high-performing, high-efficiency mid-range 6-bar LED fixture. Lightweight and easy to install. Supplied with a constant current driver which has fold-out brackets enabling it to sit on the upper face of the fixture. The driver has a manual dimming dial and RJ12 ports to allow external 0-10V control, and daisy chain connection of an array of fixtures. On each light bar the LED chips are positioned with greater density near the outer ends of the bar, to give a more even spread of light over the crop. The open construction of the fixture and its very low heat output assist airflow and heat management. Produces full spectrum light ideal for both growth and bloom. Hanging slings and a 3m RJ12 data cable included.  

Key selling points:  

Manually dimmable or controllable externally 

Provision for daisy-chain connection 

Full spectrum light with more even spread 

High efficiency 

Assists heat management 


Technical Specifications:   

Full spectrum LED  

Light output PPF – 1870 µmol/s 

Efficacy - 2.75 µmol/J 

Manual dimmer settings: 

40% - 260 W 

50% - 325 W 

60% - 390 W 

80% - 520 W 

100% - 680 W 

Maximum Input power to Driver: 680W 

AC Input voltage: 200 – 264 V, 50/60 Hz 

Maximum Input Current to Driver: 3.7 A 

Driver Output voltage to Fixture: 36 – 56 V DC 

Driver Output Current to Fixture: 6.7 - 15.0 A 

Lifetime - L90 >50,000Hr 

IP Rating - IP65 

Weight (LED fixture only) – 7.8kg 

Overall size in use – 108 cm x 108 cm x 10 cm (including driver) 

Q: Why should I choose LED lighting rather than HID lighting? 
A: The advantages of LED are clear. There is little heat output from LED lights, and so heat management is much simpler. Also, the power consumed relative to the light output is far less with an LED fixture than with a HID lamp. With some types of LED light, the spectrum is adjustable to suit either grow or bloom, which is never the case with HID lamps. Other types of LED, such as this LUMii XLED fixture, give full spectrum light suited to both grow and bloom stages, which is not always the case with HID lamps. An LED Fixture gives a much more even spread of light across the canopy, whereas HID lighting must be reflected from a narrow central source – the lamp. 
Q: At what height should I hang my LUMii XLED Fixture? 
A: We recommend that you should hang your fixture adjustably, using LUMii Rope Ratchets, and that you set the fixture at around 30-50cm (minimum 15cm) above the canopy, adjusting the height as your plants grow. If, for your plants, the light is too intense and the plants show signs of stress, raise the fixture a little, or dim to a lower setting. 
Q: Which External Controller should I use with the LUMii XLEDv6 680w LED fixture? 
A: We recommend the LUMii XLED Controller, but you can use any suitable controller with a 0-10V signal and RJ12 connection. The LUMii XLED controller allows you to schedule the photoperiod, with sunrise and sunset light intensity ramping, and will control an array of up to 25 LUMii XLED Fixtures daisy-chain connected. 



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Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.7

Lumii xled v6 Grow Light 680w 2.75 Driver Driven! No Ballast Needed!  Brand new latest led grow light from Lumii! 2.75 umol LUMii XLEDv6 680w LED fixture is a high-performing, high-efficiency mid-range 6-bar LED fixture.