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  • Grow Light Kits
    Grow light kits, Value and entry level sun master lights kits to gavita and dimlux professional full fixture professional grow lights, air cooled grow lights, led grow lights pretty much every grow light worth while we stock!
  • Replacement Lamps
    Large selections of hps, cfl hid & Fluorescent replacement lamps & bulbs. Now also stocking 400v professional lamps, and 400v double ended grow lamps by lumatek, omega, gavita, sun master, grolux, etc.
  • Cfl Lights & Cfl Reflectors
    Selection of fluorescent low heat and low power consumtion lights hoods and reflectors, ideal for propagation, vegative stages and micro growing
  • Grow Light Reflectors.
    Large Selection of Premium and value Hps, MH and CFL Reflectors, We offer Standard, professional and air cooled grow light reflectors along side the latest 400v double ended reflectors and 315w cdm reflectors and grow hoods and shades
  • Grow light Ballasts
    Grow light Ballasts Wide selection of ballasts from the, hid, hps and digital range Hps grow light Ballasts from maxibright, lumatek, lumii, gavita.
  • Timers
    Variety ofr hydroponic digital timers, budget timers analogue timers, second and minute interval timers, multi purpose.
  • Safety Relay contactors
    Selection of 1- 16 way contactors, eco-technics, powerstar, powerstar pro contactors with and without built in timers
  • Lighting Controllers
    Gavita Master Light Controllers, for use with the gavita professional e series of lights. We also have the holland favourite dimlix maxi controller and lighting options
  • Light Rail Movers & Fittings
    Hydroponic grow light rail, spread an even amount of light accross your crops and gardens, includes all fittings and attachments, highly recommended
  • Grow room Green Lights
    range of green led lights designed for use in the dark period. These lights allow you to check out your grow room and plants with out interrupting the photoperiod of your plants
  • Light & Bulb Lumen Meters
    Grow Light & Bulb Meters - Test the strength, power, lumens of your bulbs for comparing and testing the age and output.
  • Grow Light Accessories
    Full range of accessories to go with and compliment your grow lights and systems.

Vast Range of hydropnic grow lights, grow light reflectors, lamps, contactors, bulbs and digital ballasts etc.

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  • Dutch Pro Explode
    Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective BOOSTER, its a bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. The Recipe is a Dutch Secret. Amsterdam Finest.