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Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3
Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3
Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3
Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3
Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3
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Product Description

Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3
We are the sole supplier of the "Large Stealth Grow Cabinet" in the uk!

Grow plants 3-4  bigger 3-4 as quick with Our all new Large stealth grow cabinet. It is one of the most discreet grow box's on the market! Grow 1 to 40  plants at any one time, 20 in propagation/veg and 20 in flowering both creating amazing results with! low hassle! low cost! and most importantly! discreetly with rapid turn around times, Just add your plant pots and soil or choice of hydroponics kits or choose one of our complete packages!

Approximate Size HEIGHT =185cm WIDTH = 90cm  DEPTH =45cm

About The Large Stealth Grow Cabinet!
We are the sole supplier and producer of the large stealth grow cabinet in Europe, The large stealth grow  cabinet is an amazing piece of kit that produces unbelievable results within a self contained growing environment. It uses the latest in hydroponic equipment, lighting, odour removal and environment control, all built in and confined within in an inconspicuous steel Unit!

What can i grow in the large stealth cabinet?

Week 1, 2, 3 & 4 of our chili peppers under a 150w air cooled digital light

You can grow petty much any plant from seed, cuttings or clones  in different stages in the twin chamber grow box, the bottom chamber is designed for seeds, cuttings and young plants and the top chamber is designed for the flowering stages ( plants need different lights at different stages ) You can grow tropical plant and standard indoor/outdoor types of plants from start to finish. Plants in this type of system will grow 3x4 times quicker than they will outdoors.

Dual Chamber
It has 2 separate chambers, 1 with a high powered hps digital light and the other with a cool fluro specially designed for seeds, clones and young plants that are not yet ready to handle the hps light, it also includes a height adjustable shelf! The main purpose of the dual chamber is to allow you to grow plants in 2 stages at once cutting turn around times i half!

The Large stealth grow  cabinet comes with a  digital high pressure sodium lighting Kit With Digital ballast as standard,  The unit comes a basic case/light/fan/filter package or as a complete kit with  everything you need to grow from start to finish!

You can grow from 1 - 20 plants in each chamber, its entirely up to you! 6 large or 10 medium or 20 small
The unit has very low running costs but still produces unbelievable results using the latest technology . Everything is contained within an odorless, lockable growing environment, that is sophisticated on the inside and very ordinary on the outside

There are also over 20 upgradeable options available at the bottom of the page so you can design the cabinet to your needs.

Over View
Plants grown in hydroponics grow 3-4 x bigger and quicker than soil grown plants
Reinforced Locks
Beautifully powder coated
10 year Guarantee on the Grow cabinet!
Very Discreet
Yields up to 40%more than cabinets that costs twice as much!
Low electricty costs
plants can grow up to to 3ft tall
Very Reliable


  • Manufactured from 23 gauge sheet steel
  • Full length door stiffeners
  • Flush easy twist handles with aspects locking mechanism (2 keys)
  • Nylon bushed 6mm steel hinge pins
  • Durable, scratch resistant, epoxy powder coat finish
  • 5 year warranty on cabinet

     Built in 4" TT Extractor Fan - 100 mm 175 m3 & combined "can carbon filter"
    Rhino Carbon filter
    NFT Nutrient tank
    150w High quality maxibright digital adjustable Ballast (upgradeable)

Flower Chamber Lighting

What 's included!


 1x Air Cooled Digital high pressure Sodium Light System 250w-660w
- lumii Cooltube
 super hps dual spectrum bulb
maxibright digilite digital ballast
1 x 1 heavy duty timer with built in contactor
1 x pair of eazi lowering rolls

the lighting kit is adjustable from 250w - 660w however in hot periods and hot rooms we recommend not to go above 250w setting.

The Cooltube is a clear glass tube with a lamp mounting bracket in its centre, when connected to the fan and 100mm ducting, it can be made into a fully airtight unit. and it is perfect for removing the excess heat generated by Hps grow lights without leaking unpleasant odours; as far as we know it's the only fully sealed system on the market, other manufacturers claims that theirs are but in our experience they are definitely not. Supplied complete with a pair of detachable external reflectors to maximise reflectivity.

Air is usually pulled (but can be pushed) over the lamp by adding an extractor fan to one side of the tube, the hot vented air is then expelled away from the growroom and plants. They're very effective, somewhere in the region of 80-90% of heat is removed, and are therefore very popular with indoor gardeners who have limited space to work with.
The ballast is probably the most important part of your lighting system - without it the lamp will not ignite or run. We use ONLY the best quality ballasts! No cheap chinese imports or low quality systems

Digital Ballast

Maxibright digital digilight ballasts have a lower start up current and are a lot quiet, safe, produce a lot less heat and use less power compared to standard and old magentic ballasts!

The ballast is probably the most important part of your lighting system - without it the lamp will not ignite or run. We use ONLY the best quality ballasts! No cheap Chinese imports or low quality systems
The LightSafe 13 Amp Contactor/ Timer Relays unit plug into your existing timer to protect against the inductive loads generated by the electrical discharge of Horticultural Lighting.
This is essential for your ballast otherwise it will blow timer after timer due to the high voltage running through the ballast!

You can now change the lighting from HPS to CFL lighting, Cfl in the top and bottom produces less hear and uses less electric however the results are not as good as when using HPS Or LED.

You can also now upgrade from cfl, hps lighting to led lighting. Led Lighting is more effiecent uses less electric and produces a lot less heat!

Seedling & Clone Chamber lighting
Maxibright mk3 pl2 propagation light
•Main body of reflector is finished white with an internal reflector made from hammered anodised aluminium, for high reflectivity.
•Strong hanging eyes are fitted allowing units to be hung easily.
•Maxibright T5 units use 55w lamps which are supplied with unit in a blue spectrum.
•Lamps are also available in red spectrum allowing these units to be used for both stages if desired, great for growers with very little space.The propagation light has a 1.5mtr lead and comes complete with hanging kit. The unit comes as standard with two 55w daylight tubes for maximum blue output.

The Platform/shelf that the llight is hung from is also heigh adjustable!

1 x High powerd 4" Inlne TT Extractor Fan - 100 mm A1 = 175 m3
1 x  High qaulity 100/250 175m/3 4" Rhino Carbon filter
1 x 5 Meters of flexible Rhino aluminium ducting
4 x 100mm steel Rhino flexible ducting clips
1 x 40mm mains powerd turbo inlet fan

Extractor Fan
The turbines extractors Inline TT are the best ones of their category. An constructed with the best existing materials of the market. To used for it, motors that work to very few revolutions obtaining the maximum of power, with the minimum noise and electrical consumption. Turbines Inline TT are the best bet by the quality, since they are practically indestructible, even though work 24 hours to the day without stopping. Turbines Inline TT with powers exist that go from the 175 m3/h
Intake Fan
There is 1 high powered 40mm turbo fan at the bottom rear of the cabinet that is hooked up to the mains, this is for drawing cold air in as the hot air is sucked out the through the cooltube ensuring there is always adequate ventilation for the plants!

Ducting and grasp clamps
Our Aluminium Ducting features 2 plies of tough aluminium foil/polyester laminate, laminated with flame retardant adhesive and fully encapsulated in a steel wire helix. Will retain its round shape in all applications. Supplied boxed.

Carbon Filter
Can-Filters use a custom specified virgin activated Coal based carbon, (CKV4) to insure the longest possible life in most applications. Whether for commercial, industrial, or residential use you can be sure that the proper carbon type, carbon weight, and bed width has been chosen to give full odor removal.

The Large Stealth Grow Cabinet!
whats included?
1 x large stealth grow cabinet
1 x cooltube
1 x  adjustable digital ballast
1 x super dual hps bulb
1 x contactor with built in analogue timer
1 x Hygrometer
1 x 4" tt Fan
1 x Manual Fan speed controller
1 x 80mm mains coaxial fan
1 x 4" carbon filter
4 x 4" ducting clips
2 x plastic reducer
1 x  4" aluminum ducting
1 x Intake fan and powerpack
2 x propagators
1 x  Maxibright T5 fluro light for veg & seedlings
1 x replacement iec

The additional growing medium kit option includes a 8 pot hydroponic kit system if hydro is chosen, otherwise 8 x pots and saucers, soil/coco/rockwool medium, grow and bloom nutrients, ph down, ph testing kit, pippette will be included ande provided.

PLEASE BE AWARE. These items take up to 14-28 WORKING days to be built and delivered

Please check cancellation terms before you order

Contact for an estimated delivery date. Delivery is £59.99 charged heavy goods to uk mainland. However due to the current fuel prices and additional courier costs please bare in mind there may be an additional delivery charge if you e.g live outside uk mainland, live in central large cities and or around certain areas of scotland, we ONLY charge what the couriers charge us, we do not make any money on delivery costs


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Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3

Large Stealth Grow Cabinet - LED V3 Grow plants 3-4 bigger 3-4 as quick with Our all new Large stealth grow cabinet. It iss one of the most discreet grow hydroponic box's on the market! Grow 1 to 40 plants at any one time, 20 in propagation/veg and 20 in flowering with our dual chamber grow cabinet