The Best Value Grow tent Packages and kits in the uk or... The BEST Grow tents in the uk ( the best equipment chosen by us )

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  • Propagation Tent Package
    Propagation & Clones Tent Package, grow a few hundred cuttings and seedlings in this perfect seedling grow tent package, everything you need to maintain and grow healthy cuttings clones and seeds
  • The CFL Beginner Tent Package Kit
    The CFL Beginner Tent Package Kit, A great starter grow tent package for beginners or hobby growers. A low cost, low enery and low heat option. includes everything you need from start to finish just add seeds and water, grow 1-4 plant indoors!
  • The Beginner Indoor grow Kit.
    The Beginner Grow Package. The basic Items you need to get started growing indoorss. Turn any small room, cupboard, shed, or attic in to a small growing area with this kit. Comes with everything you need to grow 4 plants, just add seeds and water.
  • Single plant tent package
    A tent kit Designed with a mother plant or single plant in mind single plant tent package, however using a red bulb make it suitable for flowering also Package comes complete with tent, lighting, ventilation and odour control
  • "Bare Bones" Grow Tent Package
    "Basic" Grow Tent Package An Excellent, Budget and Beginner starter grow tent package kit, Comes with all the basic equipment you need to grow in doors. Buying This grow tent package kit will give you between 5-20% off the individual product prices
  • Budget Grow Tent Kit
    An Excellent, Budget and Beginner starter grow tent package kit, Budget Grow Tent Package with everything EVERYTHING YOU NEED from start to finish. Buying This grow tent package kit will give you between 5-20% off
  • Intermediate Grow Tent Package
    Intermediate Grow tent package with upgradeable tent and light kit from only £499.99 EVERYTHING YOU NEED JUST ADD SEEDS AND WATER!
  • The Mammoth Value Tent kit
    Mammoth Value grow tent kit is a 1.2 x 2.4m value grow light and smell proof grow tent specifically designed for indoor growing, A no frills grow tent that does what its supposed to do, Included is 2 x 600w timed grow lights
  • The "HG" Recommended Grow Tent kit
    The "HG" Recommended Grow Tent kit. We sell over 3000 products from the 4 corners of the world, so we have acess to the best equipment and nutrients and of course know a low about the subject, if we were looking for a set up of the best available vs price then this is what we would spent our money on.
  • Maximum Yields Grow tent Kit - 9 XL Plants
    Maximum Yields Grow tent Kit - 9 XL Plants. This grow tent package was put together by one of the staff from experience, value and customer feedback
  • Professional Grow Tent Package
    A Professional Tent package for the experienced grower, Everything you need from lights to ventilation down to plant pots, the best we have to offer and exactly what we would choose would ew be spending our own money, Maximise your yields!
  • The "Producer" Grow Tent Package
    3 grow tent package! The Producer Grow tent package, Grow up to 50 plants at once in 3 different Stages, Maximise results and reduce turn around times to harvest every 3-4 weeks! This package is for the business man.