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Organic starter cubes Jiffy 7 Peat Plug 38mm

 Jiffy peat pellets are a really easy way of starting seeds and cuttings. Just soak them in water, give them a squeeze and put them in a propagator. They contain a balanced nutrition so no need to add anything. They fit into rockwool blocks and are equally as great for organic growers.

Jiffy plugs are used around the world as an organic alternative to Grodan Cuttings Seed Cubes. Made entirely from compressed peat, simply add water your 38mm-41mm compressed plugs and watch them swell up ready for your cutting or seedling. Providing enough nutrients to get your young plant going, Jiffy plugs are a fantastic rooting medium that is extremely easy to use

Sold single or x 1 box of 1000

38mm collapsed
41mm expanded



Customer Reviews

Jiffy 7 Peat Plug 38-41mm

Jiffy 7 Peat Plug 38mm These are made of dried peat and, when water is added, expand to house seedlings and cuttings.