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HydroTops Nutrient - Coco Grow 2 part

Hydrotops Coco Grow nutrient concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering and fruit bearing plants during the vegetative stage of the cultivation cycle. It is at this stage of the cycle where plants build the necessary foundations to produce an abundant harvest.

 These formulations ensure your plants are able to assimilate the correct balance and ratio of nutrition to produce a good branch structure to allow for the development of a maximum floral set during flowering. The choice of chemical compounds and the correct ionic profile of the nutrient ensure a stable pH level throughtout the life of the nutrient solution.

Hydrotops coco gro is a tailormade nutrient formulation for uk local water. It produces near pefect results with some of the best yields we have seen from any company or brand. Hydrotops comes highly recommended.

Hydrotops coco grow is a 2 part Nutrient, You need to use equal doses of part a+b each set containes 1 litre of A + 1 litre of B

please click here for a complete Hydrotops feeding scheduale for optimum growth.

please see our other products for hydrotops soil nutrients and hydrotops coco nutrients.

Hydrotops have been around for nearly 30 plus years. We highly recommend using there  hydrotops THC & hydrotops Triple FFF boosters for flowers and fruits so big and heavy you will need to support the plants to stop them breaking uder there own weight.

About Hydrotops Nutrients and The History.

When designing our biOpOnic nutrient range back in 1998 the principal aim was to combine organic horticultural chemistry with the spirit and ethos of the organic grower, drawing upon in-depth knowledge of hydroponic growing and nutrients. HYDRoToPs was the first UK based nutrient manufacturer, and whilst our products have evolved over the last 16 years our aims have remained the same; to produce high performance bio-organic nutrients that deliver consistent outstanding results for both hydroponic, coco and soil growers.

HYDRoToPs is proud to have introduced many ground breaking ideas and concepts to the hydroponic world. One such example is our legendary Triple F (Fully Formed Flowers). Introduced to the world in 2002 it was the first fruit and flower enhancer to increase yields by up to 40% whilst remaining 100% organic. Triple F continues to prove itself time after time as the finest natural flowering enhancer available to date. Its introduction to the market over 10 years ago prompted a number of flower boosting products to emerge from other manufacturers. Sadly many of these products have evolved from using plant growth regulator (PGR) chemicals to achieve their results. Whilst many of these products are successful at producing additional flowers and increasing yields, we believe nature offers the best solution every time.

Many of the PGRs used in boosters today MUST be licensed and are for use on non food crops ONLY. There is a reason for these regulations to be in place since many of these chemicals are known to have carcinogenic effects and may be linked to the development of serious medical conditions. HYDRoToPS never has and never will use PGRs or other dubious chemical additives which may cause harm. Alarmingly enough some PGRs are yet to be classified or approved and little or no research has been done on the potential risks to health or the environment. PGRs have found their way into several manufacturers’ “boost” products hailed as a breakthrough in growing technology. Most have been banned in the USA owing to their associated health risks. Whilst some growers may not be driven by conscious choice in terms of which products they use, many are consciously opposed to using products which may cause harm to the inpidual or environment. HYDRoToPS gives you a better result naturally without recourse to potentially dangerous compounds and chemicals.

We are always actively researching and developing our products and we are excited to announce some new additions to our range, which will be released in the coming months. For example our Next Generation range of nutrients, plus Top Heavy Crop (THC) - a formidable new growth and flowering enhancer. Along with Top Heavy Crop, we are also proud to be releasing HYDRoToPS Solo nutrients in January 2013, a simple single part nutrient for hydroponic and soil growing. Easy to use with truly professional results in a single bottle, again another first for HYDRoToPS.

The word hydroponics derives from the Greek to mean “water working”. HYDRoToPS was the first company in the world to introduce the concept of nutrients tailored directly to your regional or personal water supply. In order for your water to work for you the nutrients you use need to be chosen carefully and balanced to your water supply. Within this web site you will find an in depth explanation of water quality and plant nutrients, allowing you to make the best decision when choosing your own nutrient requirements thus allowing you to achieve maximum results from your efforts.

HYDRoToPS have been producing custom nutrient formulations for UK growers since 1996 and continue to do so to this day. We also were the first to manufacture area specific nutrients covering all of the UK by 2005. Over the last 13 years we have analysed thousands of water samples from all areas of the UK and our data base of water quality second to none. We are very proactive in the maintenance and expansion of our water quality data base, constantly re-analysing water samples from growers and HYDRoToPS distributors, free of charge. This helps us to maintain the excellent quality of service growers throughout the country have come to expect. This ensures our products are the most effective and productive nutrients available in the UK today.



Hydrotops Nutrients

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HydroTops Coco Grow A+B

HydroTops Nutrient - Coco Grow 2 part Nutrient. Hydrotops Grow nutrient concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering and fruit bearing plants during the vegetative stage of the cultivation cycle.