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  • Deep Water Culture
    DWC Kits, Selection of oxypot deep water cultivation units, - Dwc Hydroponic systems, one of the most simple and oldest form of hydroponics but still the most effective and popular!
  • Recirculating Pots
    Recirculating Pots A Variety of Drip Feed aqua and water farm systems from ghe, hydrogarden, gemini, in all sizes, The aqua farm is a european favourite with great yields and results
  • NFT Gro Tanks
    Nft stands for nutrient film technique, Nft systems, nft gullys, nft tables, gro tanks & kits from hydrogarden, nutriculture and brand leaders
  • Nft Gullys kits
    Nutrient film technique, NFt hydroponics is a very simple yet very effective method of growing plants 2 x 3 bigger and quicker
  • Drip Feed Kits & Systems
    Large slection of hydro drip feed systems from nutriculture and ikon including the full atami wilma range and ikon 4 drip systems
  • Flood & Drain kits
    Full range of hydroponic flood and systems, tables & kits at an unbeliveable price!
  • Aeroponics
    Full range of hydroponic Aeroponic systems, tables & kits at an unbeliveable price!
  • Automatic & Self watering pots
    Automatic & Self watering pots variety of automated self watering plant systems and garden planters. Self watering Automated pots
  • Super Gro DWC Kits
    Super Gro DWC Kits, huge dwc buckets that have been designed specifically for obtaining huge plants with huge root mass. A growers favourite you cannot go wrong with deep water culture hydroponics.
  • Air-Pot 6 pot RTA System
    The Air Pot RTA System allows multiple pots to be watered either by hand or with a dripper system and the waste water to be directed to anywhere you choose
  • IWS Hydroponic Systems
    Iws - intelligent watering systems, iws flood and drain multipot hydroponics systems as well as various types or deep water culture hydroponics dwc such as the rush systems and oxypot systems
  • Alien Hydroponics Systems
    Award winning Alien Hydroponics Systems, Alien food and drain kits, alien hydroponics dwc kits and alien RDWC pro hydroponics systems, totally out of this world yields and results, they won awards for a reason.
  • Vertical Hydroponic Systems
    Vertical Hydroponic Systems, The best selection of vertical hydroponic systems and rotating hydroponic systems from the world market leaders, commercial growing systems, maximise your space pi technics, gi grow, pi wall
  • Aquaponics Systems - Fish & Plant Farm
    Aquaponics Systems - Fish Farm. The FishPlant Production Unit is the largest in the range. The height of the system makes it very accessible and easy-to-use. It is large enough to supply a large family with a constant supply of salad and herbs and regular fresh fish
  • Nutrient Tanks & Butts
    Hydroponic Reservoirs and tanks, rectangle and circular, perfect for creating a diy hydroponic system ot perfect for using in conjunction with pre made systems
  • Automatic top up valves
    Automatic top up valves and kits automatically refill your hydro system or plant pots when the water runs out via a special release valve
  • Corex & Corrugated plastic
    Corex & Corrugated plastic black and white top plate for hydroponics systems stops the light getting to the roots and water.
  • Hydroponic DIY & Replacement parts
    Hydroponic Replacement parts, large range of accessories for various kits and systems, please also check out our irrigation fittings under pumps and water control

Huge Selection of hydroponic systems and self watering plant systems, from budget to advanced, basic to expert, we offer nft kits flood and drain ebb and flow systems, dripper systems, aeroponics, dwc and recuculating systems.

Please note - Hydroponic systems bigger than 1.0m  incur a £15 surcharge for delivery by the courier if it is not part of a pallet order.