Hydroponic Grow room Shipping Containers Shell Only.
Hydroponic Grow room Shipping Containers Shell Only.
Hydroponic Grow room Shipping Containers Shell Only.
Hydroponic Grow room Shipping Containers Shell Only.
Hydroponic Grow room Shipping Containers Shell Only.

Hydroponic Grow room Shipping Containers Shell Only.

Bespoke Hydroponic Shipping containers, With designs ranging from the very basic to super advanced set ups. British Design and build hydroponic Container grow rooms Starting from £8,999.99 (D.I.Y. Containers)
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Hydroponic Shipping containers, Hydroponic Lorry Trailers, converted caravans. You name it we can do it!
We can build a Growroom with how you want, with what you want to grow as many plants as you want.

We have built hundreds of various custom Hydroponic growrooms for people in the last 5 years for a multitude of purposes and varities and have supplier over 30 different countries. Although a fairly new concept of food and plant production i dont think many people reliase how many of us take that little patch of grass outside the backs and fronts of our houses for granted.

Hydroponic Growrroms and shipping containers have been custom built for projects and purposes such as.

- where outdoor climates are to hot or to cold to grow most plants/fruits/vegtables and a controlled growing environment is required
- where outdoor environments such as africa are to inhospital for growing of delicate plants and food due to lack of water.
- City dwellings where land is at a premium, these containers can be stacked and are portable.
- Plant breeders that require controlled and sterile environments to eliminate pollen contamination.
- Ability to grow all year around of seasonal plants that can only be harvested once a year naturally outdoors.
- commercial food and plant production, perfect and controllerd growing environents can ensure harvest times are cut by 30-60% allowing a commerical orchid breeder to produce more plants within a year.
- Educational and university plant testing laborotories for plant studies.
- Plant Breeders and Genetic cross breeding.

To give you an example, we can kit out a basic 20ft un-insulated container with basic hydro equipment/lighting/ventilation for growing 50 - 200 plants for around £14,999.99-£19,999.99 depending on equipment.

for around the £19999.99-£49,999.99 you can have a grade A insulated & heat resistant conversion complete with 3 types of insulation, thermal protection, professionally installed electrics, fuse boards,  in built water cooled air conditioning, full heating, odour and c02 automatic control with top of the range automated equipment for the "grand master" grower! were talking a grow room completely built by 40 combined years of hydroponics knowledge experience and customer feedback & using the BEST equipment from around the globe.

2 models available
8x20Ft - Costings are £10,000 for a shell to 45,000 for a fully automated professional unit
8x40Ft Costings are £15,000 for a shell to £65,000 for a fully automated professional unit

Various set ups and models available, it is incredibly difficult to give a set price, options and set ups are endless but we can acomodate all budgets, below are some examples of costing variations

Options example.

Basic Lighting for a 20ft container - 12 x 600w digital light kits = £1300
Advaned Gavita Pro Digital Lighting - 12 x 1000w =  £6300

Proffesional soil and plant pots system for up to 100 plants around £400
Proffessional hydroponics system for up to 100 plants £2000 - £8000

A 5-6 thousand pound difference alone, The same goes for ventilation and environment controls, nutrients, nutrient an ph monitoring and automatic dosing, hydroponics systems, Type of contained contruction from bare shell to full insulated and fireproof.

If you have a rough idea of the amount of plants you want to grow, the grade of lighting and ventilation and or a certain budget we can accomodate all situations.

(photos are of basic conversion at the aprox cost of £9,999 - £34,999) 
Please email info@hg-hydroponics.co.uk
 for more info

We can also just supply a container full of the requirered equipment and materials if youw wish to convert yourself.

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