Hybrid Hydroponic kits

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  • Brummie Bubblers
    Brummie Bubblers, apparently designed and born in birmingham in the uk, its not the prettiest of system's but my god does it work, the more air stones and air you put in the water the bigger and badder the root system will be!
  • Green Air - Green Man Dwc Combi Kits
    Green Air - Green Man Dwc Combi Kits, THE BEST GROW SYSTEM for the best yields!The Green Man System is a unique and versatile combination growing system, it was designed and manufactured by. Green Air U.K.
  • Bloomroom Flexi Hybrid kits
    Bloomroom Flexi Hybrid kits and systems, a mixture of deep water culture (dwc) and drip feed hydroponics in one systems, proven to work bigger and better together than on there own.
Hybrid Hydroponic systems, The Best of both worlds in one type of system, Deep water culture is by far the best yielding method of hydroponics, however they lack the ability to self feed in early stages, adding a drip feed kit to your dwc kit allows you to drop feed in the early stages until the roots reach the tanks for deep water culture to take over.