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Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2.5
Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2.5
Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2.5
Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2.5
Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2.5
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Product Description

Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet - Led Grow Box V2.5

Now with led lighting as standard and optional digital fan and temperature control!

The smallest grow box in the stealth grow cabinet range. But don't let that put you off, it still packs a mighty punch.

The perfect, seedling, clone, veg stage or full cycle grow box for the hobby grower. Ideal for 1 x medium/large plant or 4 x small plants. Grow ANY type of plant from start to finish,

It also makes a great Mother plant and seedling clone box, 1 - 4 mother plans or up to 100 clones. You can add a small hydroponics system or go old school and use plant pots and soil (or coco) to grow your plants.

Grow plants 2-3 x quicker with hydroponics, our hobby stealth grow box is a controlled environment grow box that allows you to bring an outdoor tropical environment indoors, the perfect growing environment for your plants to thrive in! It has built it lighting, filtered internal and external ventilation giving you everything your plants need to thrive.

if your choice of plant generally grows bigger than this grow box then you need to think about how bonsai's work, all plants can be trained to stay within a certain size, look in to "super cropping" "scrogging" and "plant topping" and training to learn more about keeping your larger plants at a more reasonable size, you can use nets, trimming, and tying down techniques.

The Hobby Grow Box is Custom made just for you.

Each growbox is made to order give you the advantage of customising and altering its components, all internal items are removable and replaceable.

(Tip - we recommend 1 x medium plant trained with netting over 4 x smaller plants as they will produce about the same results and yields wise however the choice is yours, As a general rule of thumb, plants will usually double in height once put in to the flowering stage so bear this in mind when deciding when to flower your plants.)

100w Digital Dual Spectrum Led Lighting.

The Hobby Stealth Grow box uses the latest led grow light technology, the 100w Low energy and low heat Pro plant specific Led panels are for the growth AND flowering stages, use the lights from start to finish, for even bigger and faster yields consider upgrading to 150w leds.

The led lighting comes with a programmable timer to allow you to set your plants schedule and lighting period.

Tip - you can force a plant to flower by altering how many hours of daylight it gets.

(don't fall for grow box's offering multiple standard house fitting cfl and led light bulbs, these are not suitable for plants)

Led Lighting upgrades

The overall Benefits of led lighting is they are now the most efficient light of all with minimal wasted energy, Hps lighting used to be the king of lighting for plants however the latest leds are now arguably much better and more more efficient. We highly recommend led lighting, We use only plant specific led lighting. You can upgrade in wattage or by brand if you require a certain light.

80mm Filtered intake Fan

A 230v mains co axial intake fan is used to draw fresh air in to the grow box ensuring there is adequate fresh oxygen/co2 for the plants. This air is also filtered to avoid pests and dust getting in to the unit.

Adjustable 100mm Extractor & Carbon Filter System

The Hobby Grow Box comes complete with a 100mm 160 m/3 Extraction system, this is connected with a rhino carbon filter ensuring all heat and air drawn out of the box is filtered and fresh avoiding any contaminents, odours and pollens.

There is now an included dust Filter on the 80-mm intake fan to eliminate any bugs or dust being brought in to the cabinet.

Increase The included fan controller to reduce air flow and in turn Reduce the grow box temperature, reduce the fan controller to increase the temperature within the box

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

The Hobby grow box Includes a Pro Hygrometer to monitor inside and outside box temperature and humidity and environment within the grow box ensuring you are at the correct temperature and humidity.

The Hobby Grow box is Suitable for coco or soil grown plants in standard pots or small hydroponics systems

The Hobby Grow Cabinet Includes

1 x 100w led lighting kit
1 x Led Lowering kit
1 x 80mm filtered intake kit
1 x 100mm Extraction Kit
1 x 100mm Rhino Carbon Filter
1 x Adjustable Fan speed controller
1 x lumii Programable timer for automatic lighting.
1 x Digital thermometer and hygrometer

Suitable for Beginners and experts, suitable for most types of indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Lined with corex reflective
Built in lock
additional Cable glands fitted for extra electrical items
Steel Powder coated cabinet with 5 year guarantee
Ready to go in under 5 minutes.

Width is 460 mm
Depth is 460 mm
Height is 890 mm

Please allow 60 working days for delivery.

Please note these are bespoke/custom built to order units and cannot be cancelled once the order is placed as they are built specifically for each customer with different specifications.



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Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2.5

Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet - Led V2.5 - The perfect, seedling, clone, veg stage or full cycle grow box for the hobby grower. Ideal for 1 x medium/Large plant or 4 x small plants. Grow ANY type of plant from start to finish,