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Halo - Harpin Made By Nasa

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halo Harpin is designed by NASA By stimulating your plants growth and stress-defence responses, HALO not only improves resistance to disease but also provides an impressive growth and flowering response
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Halo Sachet 5 x 5ml

Breakthrough products aren't all that common, but HALO may well be one of the biggest new developments for quite a while. By stimulating your plants growth and stress-defence responses, HALO not only improves resistance to disease but also provides an impressive growth and flowering response - including multiple flowering sites and increased oil production.

It actually increases the rate of photosynthesis (the equivalent of having more lights!) leading to higher yields and increased biomass. Based around Harpin Protein - a widely used commercial application, this remains the first and only product using such technology in the UK. Trust us when we say HALO will not leave you disappointed. Words really can't do this product justice - you simply HAVE to try it! Apply 2-5 times throughout your grow for maximum effect.

Halo contains the Harpin protein. Harpin does not act directly on disease organism, nor does it alter the DNA of treated plants, but instead activates a natural defense mechanism in the host plant, referred to as systemic acquired resistance (SAR). This new active ingredient is currently the only broad-spectrum, proteinaceous elicitor of SAR commercially available. Harpin is effective against certain viral diseases for which there are no other controls or resistant plant varieties. It also protects against soil-borne pathogens and pests, such as certain nematodes and fungal diseases. In addition to its ability to protect plants against diseases, Harpin protein also reduces infestations of selected insects and enhances plant growth, general vigor, and yield of many crops. Apply as a foliar spray. Unique!

All plants contain biochemical pathways that are responsible for growth and defence mechanisms. Halo triggers these mechanisms, which prompts accelerated growth and heightens levels of defence. The result, you get stronger, healthier plants with an increased yield.

Extensive trials prove that Halo can:

- Accelerate plant growth 
- Increase photosynthesis 
- Increase root development 
- Increase yield 
- Encourage earlier flowering and fruit maturation

As well as improving growth, Halo increases a plant's ability to protect itself from a wide range of pests and diseases.

The fungal, bacteria and viral diseases Halo can prevent include:

- Stem Rot 
- Fire Blight 
- Botrytis (Bud rot) 
- Tobaco Mosaic Virus

The pests Halo can prevent include:

- Spider Mite 
- Thrips 
- Aphids

***WARNING*** HALO is an extremely potent booster. Avoid if you are using a vertical growing system or sea of green growing technique. In grow spaces with limited headroom, don't apply this product during the transplanting stage as it will cause a massive surge in growth - potentially leaving your plants too big to manage. Also be prepared to flower your plants at a much shorter height when using HALO.

Available as a cost effective 100g tub or in 5x soluble sachets - each of which dissolves in 500ml of water to create the ideal strength foliar spray.
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one eyed wonder  /  Somewhere on the green round planet

Normally plants are grown to the desired hight which takes on average 3-4 weeks after just 2 applications after the plants got put in there new home & after a week added the second application. At 2 weeks in veg the plants resembled a plant that would normally take atleast 5 weeks & also made the plant mature 6 days earlier than previously!

It is one of the very few plant stimulants that doesn't just sell on hipe & does what it says on the tin! Definitely something that will be used over & over