Growing Media

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  • Potting Soil's and Mix's
    Selection of growing soils and mix's from various brands, for plants and seedlings
  • CoCo Coir Growing Mediums
    A Range or Coco Coir Growing Mediums, coco clabs, blocks and 50l bags of a variety of different brands
  • Clay Pebbles & Grow Stones
    Various brands offering clay pebbles, a popular growing medum in hydroponics and to creat drainage in soil o growing mediums, different brands and diferent litres.
  • Mapito - growing medium
    Mapito is the most popular growing medium in holland, excellent results with a new organic element. Mapito comes highly recommended and is one of the best growing mediums out there
  • Rockwool Products
    Selection of rockwool and grodan growing mediums and products from various brands and available in all sizes
  • Organic Sponge Products
    Variety of various organic, fleximix, rockwool and non organic starter trays for your seedlings and clones
  • Jiffy plugs & Other Plugs
    A rockwool alternative, jiffy is a popular growing medium at a very good price! jiffy plugs, cubes, slabs and blocks in various sizes and various qty's
  • Other Growing Mediums & Additives
    Perlite, Vermiculite, and a variety of other growing mediums that are available on the market to compliment.

Variety of growing mediums and media's such as rockwool, grodan, jiffy, potting soils as well as a range of plant pots, net pots and accessories