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  • Budget Grow Tents
    BUDGET Grow Tents, when quality and the best isn't essential, need a simple grow tent that just does the job? This is what you need, the cheapest priced grow tents we can possibly offer! crazy prices!
  • Propagation Tents
    Propagation Tents, Selection of miniature and smaller grow tents designed for mother plants, seedlings, clones and the beginning of the vegetive stages
  • Secret Jardin DS Grow Tents
    The Budget Ds "Dark Street" range of grow tents are the budget version of the DR range of tents. However they still do a very good job for a much lower price. The Secret jardin range of grow tents offer 2 ranges the dark room and the dark street
  • Secret Jardin DR Grow Tents
    The Dark Room grow tents from Secret Jardin are made to a very high standard, They have been designed with great thought for the grower and will provide the ideal enclosure for indoor cultivation.
  • Dual Chamber Grow Tents
    Special Secret Jardin Tents Varietys of specialised grow tents for propagation, twin grow tent, attic grow tent,s dome grow tents.
  • Modular Grow Tents
    Selection of Secret Jardin Intense Grow tents, This is a professional range of tents for larger and more capable growers, they are as good as it gets.
  • Green Qube Grow Tent
    Green-Qube, stands for quality. These tents are built to last and best of all they are at a price that is affordable. Quality and and thought have gone in to these tent by the bucket! There perfect grow tent
  • Green Qube Roof Qube Tents
    Green Qube - Roof Qube grow tent. Space a problem? Then Roof-Qube is your answer! The WORLD'S ONLY grow tent for attics, lofts and basements is now here
  • Lighthouse Grow tents
    Lighthouse Grow tents, uk designed grow tents from an industry leader, a great all round grow tent with superb quality and features, lighthouse are fairly new to the market but are a popular and recommend grow tent brand.
  • Bud Box Grow Tents
    Large range of high quality budbox grow tents. Bud box grow tents are of the highest qaulity and are a perfect growing enviroment. highly recommended
  • Gorilla "Shorty"  Grow Tents
    Gorilla "Shorty" Grow Tents, The World Famous Gorilla grow tents are now available in a new shorty range of grow tents, same build quality and function but with lower heights for lower growing styles and confined spaces.
  • Gorilla Grow Tents
    Gorilla Grow Tents. Arguably the Best of the best, Taller, Thicker, Stronger than any other tent currently on the market. its as strong as a Gorilla.
  • Mammoth "Gavita" Elite Grow tents
    Mammoth "Gavita" Elite Grow tents, Could well be the new best if gavita have had involvement in the design, as you probably know gavita arguably make the best professional grow lights, these tents have been made around those grow lights.
  • Grow tent Accessories
    Selection of various accessories of grow tent or bud box add ons, attachments and fittings. Very helpfull and very effiecnt, turn your grow tent in to a multi function grow tent
  • Grow Tent Kits
    Grow tent kits Variety of Various Model Grow tents with pre chosen hydroponic kits, beginner, intermediate, professional, and expert, includes lighting, extraction fans, carbon filters, to fan controllers, and ozone generators.

Range of  grow tents in all sizes from all brands, including tent packages and a customise your own tent section. Give us a call and we can put together a custom tent package for you.