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£8.29 (ex. VAT)
Light House Grow tent Stretch Net The LightHouse StretchNet comes in one size and is provided with 4 hooks. The hooks allow for the stretchnet to be used in different tent sizes, providing horizontal support for the plants as they grow up through the netting.
£14.13 (ex. VAT)
Lighthouse Value Hanging Drying Rack Net hangs about 6ft with multiple shelves, perfect dry hanging rack for drying and curing all your hydroponically grown plants vegtables and flowers.
£21.63 (ex. VAT)
Lighthouse Giant Round hanging Drying Rack 30cm This multi-layer LightHouse Round Dry Net has been designed to hang in a growtent to allow customers to dry their flowers or herbs. It is collapsible, has 6 layers and fits into a handy carry case.
£5.79 (ex. VAT)
Mammoth Dry 45 Drying Rack Nylon lightweight and flexible the mammoth 45 drying rack is the perfect airy hanging device for drying your flowers, herbs, leaves etc.
Grow Tent Accessories, drying racks and, nets and etc