Grow Light Reflectors.

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  • Grow Light Reflectors
    Grow Light Reflectors Professional hps grow light reflectors and hid lighting hoods and shade, we sell budget euro reflectors up to premium professional horticultural reflectors. We off the worlds Best
  • Air Cooled Reflectors
    Air Cooled Reflectors, suitabble for all grow lights, A variety of budget to premium air cooled shades hoods and reflectors, attach a fan to a air cooled hood to extract heat from your growroom and keep things cool.
  • 315w CDM CMH Reflectors
    315w CDM CMH Reflectors, specialist reflectors for the philips 315w daylight lamps and fitment, air cooled, reflecots, premium reflectors, 630w dual reflectors, value and premium imports.
  • DE Reflectors
    DE - Double ended reflectors, usually 1000w 400v, high power output reflectors for professional grow lights, available in air cooled, value and premium grow light reflectors for double ended lamps
  • Replacement Reflector Parts
    Replacement Reflector Parts, professional reflectors often have replaceable parts, here you will find a range of replacement reflector parts from leading rbands such as gavita, dimlux etc.
Large Selection of Premium and value Hps, MH and CFL Reflectors, We offer Standard, professional and air cooled grow light reflectors along side the latest 400v double ended reflectors and 315w cdm reflectors and grow hoods and shades