Grow Light Kits

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  • Standard Light Kits
    HPS & MH high pressure sodium HPS Complete growLight Kits 250w, 400w, 600w grow bulb grow ballast and reflector kits, from budget to high end.
  • Digital Grow light Kits
    Range of our digital grow light kits - bulb reflector and digital ballast, digital ballasts use less electric, produce less heat and have a higher output.
  • 315w CDM - CMH Lighting
    315w CDM CMH Full Spectrum Lighting, a new improved technology on standard lighting, 315w cdm lights use less electric and produce the highest par out put with a try full spectrum colour lighting. highly recommended.
  • Professional Grow Lights 400v
    Increase yields by up to 20% with our premium all in one dutch specialist lights, made phillips and the top brands from around the world, the best isnt cheap but the results speak volumes.
  • LED Grow Lights
    Led Grow lights, high intensity with 3 year guarantee, lasts for 50,000 hours, produces barely any heat and has a huge output. Possibly The Future of indoor grow lights.
  • LEP Plasma Lighting
    LEP Plasma Lighting - Light emitting plasma lighting is the latest technology in horticultural and specialist lighting, high output lights with unmatched efficiency and output. Arguably the best grow lights money can buy.
Grow light kits, Value and entry level sun master lights kits to gavita and dimlux professional full fixture professional grow lights, air cooled grow lights, led grow lights pretty much every grow light worth while we stock!