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  • Pc Growrooms
    Selection of hydroponic grow rooms, grow cabinets, grow box's and grow chambers as well as the famous pc grow room &mini stealth cabinet! Basic and complete kits
  • The Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet
    The Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet - The smallest grow box in the range. The perfect, seedling, clone, veg stage or full cycle grow box for the hobbiest grower. Ideal for 1 x medium plants or 4 x small plants. Grow ANY type of plant from start to finish
  • Mini Stealth Grow Cabinets
    Our All New Mini stealth Grow cabinet is the most discreet self contained Hydroponics grow box on the market! Grow 1 to 10 plants from start to finish in half the time of soil grown plants using hydroponics
  • Large Stealth Grow cabinets
    The latest range of hydroponic grow cabinets, grow box's, grow systems and grow chambers in europe, mini stealth grow cabinet, large stealth cabinet, grow systems and complete packages.
  • G-Tools Grow Cabinets
    The G-tools grow box is odour free, noise free and light tight.. The G-kit grow cabinet is made out of high quality materials. The cabinet is made of custom made aluminium profiles with lighttight, UV proof and heat resistant PVC panels
  • Grow Ape Grow Cabinets
    Grow Ape Grow Cabinets. Uk purpose built professional grow box. Comes ready assembled with Digital 400watt HPS lighting, carbon filter, extraction and light air cooling fans.
  • Bc Northern Lights Grow Boxs
    Bc Northern Lights Grow Boxs, Probably the best automated grow box's on the planet, they are not cheap but the best never is, if you want results you want a northern lights grow cabinet made and designed in canada
  • Shipping Container grow rooms
    Bespoke Hydroponic Shipping containers, With designs ranging from the very basic to super advanced set ups. British Design and build hydroponic Container grow rooms Starting from £8,999.99 (D.I.Y. Containers)

Large Selection of grow cabinets and self contained grow boxs from companys around the world, we are the uks largest supplier and have the ability to offer custom made grow cabinets.