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Green Qube Grow Tent GQ 2030

£208.29 (ex. VAT)
GREEN QUBE - Grow tent GQ 2030 worlds tallest fixed grow tent Sky’s the limit with our brand new range of ultra high tents giving you maximum space to grow MORE!
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200cm x 300cm x 200cm

Sky’s the limit with our brand new range of ultra high tents giving you maximum space to grow MORE!
Standard grow tents measure just 2m in height, Green-Qube Sky tents give you 15% extra height space measuring in at 2m. This added room allows your plants to grow to their full potential, maximising yield.

[green-tick]  Increase your yields
[green-tick]  Cooler temperatures
[green-tick]  Space to stand soless bending and squatting
[green-tick]  Sturdy solid frame with no fiddly & breakable adjustmen tkits
[green-tick]  No mor eworries about your plant sout  growing your tent
[green-tick]  DESIGNED FOR GAVITA LIGHTS:Higher ceiling gives greater light dispersal


Our objective with the Green-Qube Sky range was always to produce a super study tent with superior strength. Despite its extra height it can support over 100kg of hanging weight and because it doesn’t have any fiddly mechanisms to lower or increase its height there are no weak points – just thick poles and corners providing one single solid and rigid frame.

Why fuss around with fiddly, time intensive extendible kits, if you want a tall tent just buy a tall tent! Instead of extending your tent bit by bit wasting time and giving yourself potential problems with tricky and awkward extra poles and outershell add-ons, why not bite the bullet and buy a taller tent and have the maximum space right from the offset? You can simply lower and higher your lights and filters as you need but you tent remains tall, strong and study.


Create a stable climate within your tent by keeping the heat away from your plants? We all know that heat rises so by opting for taller tent you remove the heat away from your plants and keep it up high with your lights. Ultimately this will increase your yield and allow your plants to produce better quality fruit.

DesignedforGavitaLights IN MIND

We all love Gavita lights – strong, powerful and high yielding. If you have invested in one of these you want to make the most of its energy and its power. However, normal 2m high grow tents limit a Gavita’s effectiveness. They simply can’t operate at their maximum capacity as they hang low limiting their light dispersal.
Green-Qube Sky has been designed specifically to accommodate as Gavita lights and other brands of similar lights, to capitalise on their exceptional light capacity. With Green-Qube Sky you can maximise your Gavita’s power as you have more space so you can hang them higher. This provides a larger spread of light which in turn increases the light that reaches your plants maximising the ability to increase your yield.


With extendible grow tent kits you attach an additional outer shell segment which gives the tent extra height. This can cause light to escape and to enter the tent, making it a lot less efficient. Green-Qube Sky simply has a taller outer shell so no attached pieces, just one solid diamond cut Mylar shell. This makes our tents 99% light proof and fully efficient.
Green Qube Grow Tent GQ 2030​​​​​​​ 200 x 300 x 200 tall
Green Qube Grow Tent GQ 2030​​​​​​​L 200 x 300 x 220 tall

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