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£8.29 (ex. VAT)
halo Harpin is designed by NASA By stimulating your plants growth and stress-defence responses, HALO not only improves resistance to disease but also provides an impressive growth and flowering response
£12.46 (ex. VAT)
Advanced nutrients Bud Candy you’re getting two products in one, product gives you everything that was in Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad plus a lot more, because it makes finished suits and flowers that cures better, tastes better, and resists storage diseases.
£24.96 (ex. VAT)
Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer Moonshine is an enhancing product that will get the best out of the nutrients you use. Moonshine will not raise your E.C, it is Ph stable and can used in conjunction with any nutrient regime
£24.96 (ex. VAT)
Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer - Foliar spray. The original moonshine is now available in a foliar spray!
£20.79 (ex. VAT)
Botanicare Sweet Berry. ​​​​​​​Botanicare Sweet intensifies your crops natural aromas and flavours, increase fruit sets and smooth transitions between growth phases.
£20.79 (ex. VAT)
Botanicare Sweet Grape. ​​​​​​​Botanicare Sweet intensifies your crops natural aromas and flavours, increase fruit sets and smooth transitions between growth phases.
£4.96 (ex. VAT)
Ecothrive Charge Natural Bio stimulant. Charge is a 100% naturally-produced potting soil enhancer that offers a wide range of biological benefits to your plants. Charge boosts and prolongs the fertility of your potting mix by adding a balance of long-lasting primary nutrients in a highly available form
£24.99 (ex. VAT)
Emerald Harvest - Honey Chome, Intensify fragrance and flavor in your plants with Honey Chome, an aroma and resin enricher from Emerald Harvest. Designed to enrich your valuable crops with a robust bouquet and plenty of resins during the flowering phase
£9.13 (ex. VAT)
Mixing Guano Kalong Bat Guano Powder through your soil is a great way to improve the quality of the soil and promote a sweeter tasting crop and higher yields.
£9.13 (ex. VAT)
GuanoKalong liquid extract - Bat Guano Liquid Guanokalong provides an acceleration of the root structure and also increases the plants resistance towards bad bacteria.
£41.63 (ex. VAT)
Jungle Control - FEROCIOUS, Ferocious is an exciting new product exclusively distributed by HydroGarden! Based on a patent pending new technology that has not previously been seen in the market.
£16.63 (ex. VAT)
“ MR DANKS’ SPECIAL BOOST SECRET: One of the most hotly anticipated products for 2018 is finally available in strictly limited numbers. Super easy to use, it’s compatible with soil, coco and hydroponics.”
1 Litre
£37.46 (ex. VAT)
New Millenium - Winter Frost, An ideal ripening solution made to accentuate terpene production and recycle the last remaining energy left in the plant toward bulking fruit development.
£16.63 (ex. VAT)
TERMINATOR® is the one and only product of its kind, formulated to increase the concentration of Terpinoids in aromatic plant oils and glands.
General Additives & Enhancers, all round additives and enhancers, use through out the entire life cycle off the plant alongside your current nutrient schedules, generally these products wont increase your ec but they will increase your yields and root mass.