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Vitalink Finale The VitaLink Finale additive is a finishing product for the last week or two before harvesting. It helps to ripen the plant and bring any underdeveloped crops to the same quality as the rest of the flowers or fruits at the same time
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Canna Flush is an additive designed to clean excess nutrients from your plants and growing medium resulting in a more natural taste in your final produce.
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GHE Ripen - Ripen is a finishing solution to be used in place of your usual nutrient during the last two weeks of flower. It will assist the ripen process and the removal of unwanted salts.
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Advanced nutrients Flawless Finish - Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish is scientifically designed to assist in the flushing of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves. In various crops where taste and texture is important
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The FloraKleen - General Hydroponics FloraKleen removes fertilizer residue that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, & potting soils.
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This plant magic Flush is designed specifically for the UK market. Many water samples country wide have been analysed to bring to you the best flushing agent for your food crops.
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Hydrotops - Flush, By using biOpOnic Flush to supply the correct ratio of enzymes, organic plant hormones and catalysts, you enable your plant to remove as much of the excess nutrient stored prior to harvest.
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Nano.10-9 Nutrients - Finisher+ nano.10⁻⁹ finisher⁺ incorporates a final P/K ratio, replicating a diminished soil. This pushes your plants to finish and release energy into oil production.
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RAW Yucca is made from 100% natural yucca extract from the plant Yucca Schidigera. It can be used as wetting agent for nutrient solutions and foliar sprays and is great for flushing excess salts from the root Zone.
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Nutes Nutrients - Sugar Flush, Sugar Flush is made from glucose and citrus terpenes (for product fragrance). Sugar Flush is a sweetener with a mild flushing agent.
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Athena Nutrients - Cleanse - Blended Line, Athena Cleanse is made from the ideal (and safe) root zone optimizing agents--Hypochlorous acid. This safe and mild acid is derived from salt and a proprietary electrochemical treatment process.
32 Ounce
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Flushing Nutrients, Nutrient Flush, should you flush? yes you should, what ever nutrients and liquids you have added you ideally want to remove again if you can, flushes are not just water and actively help remove unwanted and excess nutrients and salt build ups. Flush can also increase yields, flavour smell and aroma.