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  • Canna Bio Boost Organic
    Canna Bio Boost 250ml Increasing crop quality and yield is the goal of almost every indoor gardener and high quality flowering boosters and additives are the quickest and best way to make an instant impact on your crop.
  • Canna Boost Accelerator
    Canna Boost Accelerator is CANNA's powerful flowering stimulator, specially developed for fast growing plants, it improves quality and increases yields. CANNABOOST stimulates the development of flowers that have formed recently.
  • Canna PK 13/14 Bloom Booster
    Canna PK 13/14 Bloom Booster is a dynamic flowering super-booster that will totally amaze you. It is an extremely concentrated formulation containing a carefully balanced and integrated blend of pure phosphorous and potassium elements for superior flowering results.
  • Atami Bio Bloombastic
    Atami Bio Bloombastic Three years in the making; Bio-Bloombastic offers the increased yields of a powerful mineral stimulator and accelerator, with the taste and aroma of an organic additive.
  • Atami Bcuzz Bloom Stimulator
    Atami B'cuzz Bloom Stimulator - Despite competitors on the market, Atami’s Bloom Stimulator product gives the best performance around. It provides all necessary stimulation of the growth of flower cells.
  • Atami Bcuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator
    Atami B'cuzz Coco Bloom Stimulator - Despite competitors on the market, Atami’s Bloom Stimulator product gives the best performance around. It provides all necessary stimulation of the growth of flower cells.
  • Atami B'cuzz Universal Booster
    Atami B'cuzz Universal Booster is complete 6 in 1 growth stimulator. Bcuzz boosters contain concentrated micro nutrients beneficial bacteria and amino acids, use during the growth perior and the start of the flowering stage stage to ensure abundent root and foliage development.
  • Atami BloomBastic
    The Future is here! The unique combination of elements in Blombastic will trigger explosive sugar and bloom production that will ensure a soft, sweet flavor of the bloom in addition to large compact buds. 10/10!
  • Advanced nutrients Big Bud Liquid
    Advanced nutrients Big Bud Liquid Dr. Hornby has spent many years of extensive research and profiling resin producing plants. His knowledge, passion and love for this work has produced unparalleled products that supercharge resin production and substantially increase yield
  • Advanced nutrients Bud Candy
    Advanced nutrients Bud Candy you’re getting two products in one, product gives you everything that was in Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad plus a lot more, because it makes finished suits and flowers that cures better, tastes better, and resists storage diseases.
  • Advanced Nutrients Nirvana
    Advanced Nutrients Nirvana - organic The name of this breakthrough formula is Advanced Nutrients Nirvana. It makes your plants give you bigger flowers because its kelp co-factor extracts work specifically on the flowering pathways inside your plants.
  • Advanced nutrients Bud Ignitor
    Advanced nutrients Bud Ignitor You’ll love how Bud Ignitor forces your plants to start flowering earlier. You’ll also love that your plants give you more flowers and faster harvests. And how about the extra essential oils your flowers are covered in?
  • Advanced Nutrients OverDrive
    Advanced Nutrients Overdrive contains a unique set of powerful ingredients that stimulate plants to increase their bloom productivity. Overdrive is a really special formula that does something that used to seem impossible. It makes plants go full throttle on flowering, even late in the game.
  • Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
    Advanced nutrients Bud Factor X is the new liquid bud builder formula that contains powerful compounds guaranteed to increase crop yields and essential oil production by stimulating plant defense mechanisms.
  • House & Garden - Top Booster
    House & Garden Van De Zwaan Top Booster House & Garden Top Booster is an excellent flowering stimulator which acts on the basis of potassium and phosphorus and Eddha-Fe (iron).
  • House & Garden Top Shooter
    House & Garden Van De Zwaan Top Shooter House & Garden Top Shooter forces your plants into starting a new flowering cycle after the regular cycle has stopped, significantly increasing the fruit's total weight.
  • House and Garden Shooting powder
    House & Garden Shooting Powder is the secret behind every successful grower. This sparkling bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators.
  • House and Garden Bud XL
    House and Garden Bud XL Sugar extracting flower and flavour enhancer available in various sizes online.
  • House & Garden PK 13-14
    House & Garden Van De Zwaan PK 13-14 stimulates rapid fruit and flower formation by providing your plants with a large amount of phosphorus and potassium, 500ml.
  • Dutch Pro Explode
    Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective BOOSTER, its a bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. The Recipe is a Dutch Secret. Amsterdam Finest.
  • BioBizz Top Max
    BioBizz Top Max is a 100% vegetable based organic bloom stimulator that encourages rapid cell division during flowering and increases the production of transport sugars in the fruit or flowers, resulting in larger blossoms and fruits with enhanced flavours, oils and aromas.
  • Hesi Pk 13/14
    Hesi Pk 13/14, During the flowering stage of a plant's life, its metabolism is pushed into high gear producing large amounts of enzymes. It continues to grow larger increasing the need for nutrients to keep it healthy.
  • Hesi Phosphorus Plus
    Hesi Phosphorus Plus, designed and created by Hesi nutrients, Aimed directly at the soil growing market, Hesi Phosphorus Plus is a PK booster for plants to help increase flower and fruit formation.
  • Hesi Boost
    Hesi Boost is a bloom activator and a gentle leaf fertiliser for the flowering stage of plant development. This new product strengthens the flowering, increases the sugar content and improves the condition of the entire plant.
  • HydroTops Triple F 125ml
    HydroTops Triple F - Fully Formed Flowers! 125ml makes 250 litres! the 100% natural option for super buds, not only is it a natural option is is arguably one of the best products on the planet. Hydrotops triple F Comes Highly recommended.
  • HydroTops - Top Heavy Crop
    HydroTops - Top Heavy Crop 125ml makes 250 litres! Top heavy crop is a 100% all natural flowering additive designed to produce a more compact branch structure and therefore a higher density of fruiting.
  • OG Rapid Flower + Hardener
    OG Rapid Flower + Hardener OG Rapid Flower + Hardener. World famous super flower booster plus hardener.
  • Rock Resinator
    Rock Resinator Rock Resinator uses an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight to your harvest.
  • Buddhas Tree Flower Burst
    Flower Burst is a unique new product from Buddhas Tree that has been specifically created for use during your plants pre-flowering and early flowering stage
  • Buddhas Tree pk 9-18 Boost
    Buddhas Tree pk 9-18 Booster Twice the strength of the most popular bloom booster. pk9-18 stimulates plants uptake of nutrients, increasing oils and sugars which make for better and bigger yeilds and fruits.
  • Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost
    Buddhas Tree have introduced Advanced Meta-Boost which actively boosts your plants metabolism leading to bigger and more fragrant blooms! Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is designed to be used during the flowering/fruiting period, along with Buddhas Tree - PK 9-18, for a crop that can't be beaten!
  • Vitalink Buddy
    Vitalink Buddy - VitaLink Buddy is a PK additive rich in potassium and phosphorus with added Magnesium and Sulphur to support the extra K and P which primarily supports the quality of the plant but also encourages maximum yield from plant
  • Vitalink Fulvic
    Vitalink fulvic - A pure fulvic acid product, VitaLink Fulvic improves the way plants transport/absorb nutrients. Through better nutrient availability, the flowering, rooting and growth of plants is boosted
  • Buddhas Tree Booster Trio - Flower Burst, Pk 9/18 And Advanced Meta Boost
    Buddhas Tree Trio - Pk 9/18, Flower Burst & Meta Boost! Fat Results with a slim price, just how we like it! A great uk designed and made brand creating huge waves in the uk market with their great results and value for money
  • Plant Magic Platinum Pk 9-18
    Plant Magic Platinum Pk As well as high levels of Phosphorus and Potassium making this a highly concentrated liquid it also contains a degree of Nitrogen
  • Plant Magic Bloom Boost
    Plant magic bloom boost is a pk 13/14 alternative similar to cannas , plant magics bloom boost is a well established product that will ensure your fruit crops benefit from faster growth as well as larger and more dense crops.