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Variety of environment acessories, ducting clips, acoustic quick release ducting clips, metalic duct tape, t-pieces, reducers


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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Global Air Supplies Flexible Ducting Clips - Quick Release Clips pack of 2 for your ducting ,extractor fans, reducers. Perfect for connecting, carbon filters, extractor fans, ducting, reducers, t-piecs and air cooled  cool tubes or silencers

Acoustic Flexible Ducting Clips - Quick Release for your ducting, extractor fans, reducers etc.... helps stops rattles and vibrations

Ram Bug Shield Insect screen for Rvk fan, This handy product offers superior protection against bugs while having a minimal restriction on airflow.

Metal Y Piece Ducting Connector is used when you wish to use one extractor to draw air from 2 growing areas or 2 areas in 1 room. great for splitting small or large scale ventilation systems in to 2 rooms!

Metal Ducting T Connector for ventilation ducting and connecting fans and ducting Tee pieces are used to split your fans operation between two areas or even split within one area for more efficient air movement

90 degree steel elbow Ducting connector, used to connect simial sized pieces of ducting and to alter the angle and flow of the air within the ducting with out causing the ait flow to slow down, bends in ducting are the biggest cause of reduced air flow

Metal Reducer Reducing Collar 100mm - 125mm 4"-5" we sell all sizes of metal reducers, Metal reducing collars are used for connecting variously different sized equipment,

Male Steel Ducting Connector Joiner, used for connecting one piece of ducitng to another to extend the legnth of the ducting, the metal couplers are available in all sizes

Backdraft Shutters - Ducting, Steel back draft shutters for ventilation and ducting kits, ensures the flow of air only goes one way and stops animals, debris etc from going through and in to ducting systems

Wall Mounting steel Spigot - Drill the spigot on to the wall or flat service and the ducting can then be connect to or through a wall with out movement or being dislodged, the spigots come with 3 pre drilled holes for placement

Metal Ducting Wall Plate , connect ducting to an outside wall Used to neatly vent air from one room to another or to vent hot air from the inside to to the outside

Premium Silver Metallic Duct Tape 72mm x 45m The Silver Foil Scrim Weave Tape is extremely strong and durable, ideal for use in a Growroom to deal with those large jobs! Ideal for securing ducting to fans and filters.