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  • TF Plastic Inline intake Fans
    Rnge of Tf plastic inline fans varying in size and power, perfect for intake and outtake fans.
  • Vents TT Mixed flow Extractor Fans
    These fans are manufactured with a robust Injection Moulded Plastic casing which can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • Ram Mixed Flow Inline Fans
    Ram Mixed Flow Inline Fans A switched two speed mixed-flow inline fan which is optimised design for high pressure and quiet air movement. The RAM Mixed-Flow Inline fan is supplied with a mounting bracket and IEC connector lead
  • Ram Inline Duct Fans
    Ram Inline Duct Fans. An optimised design for high pressure and quiet air movement, the RAM Inline Duct Fan features the patented Fast-FlowTM even air-flow fin.
  • Rhino Extractor Fans
    Rhino Extractor Fans - Single Speed, twin speed and temperature controlled, The premier brand in in ventilation and filters has finally brought out there long awaited rhino extractor fan range, available in standard, dual speed and thermostatic
  • RVK Extractor fans
    The turbines extractors RVK are the best ones of their category. An constructed with the best existing materials of the market.
  • Can Max Pro Series
    Can Max Pro Series Designed to be the new standard in indoor extractor fans, the pro series Max-Fan, from Can, is powerful, electrically efficient, smaller and quieter than previous models. Incredible high power.
  • Hyper Fan's
    Hyper Fan's - Hyperfans are designed to push or pull maximum airflow through carbon filters, ducting and air cooled hoods.
  • Gekko Acoustic Box Fans
    Gekko Acoustic Box Fans The Gekko was designed and built around our market research, we listened to retailers and built a hydroponic box fan that went beyond the expected.
  • Vortex Acoustic Inline fans
    Vortex Acoustic Inline fans Vortex Acoustic Fans move serious amounts of air…quietly! Using high quality components the Vortex Acoustic Fans will extract air from your grow room quickly and efficiently whilst keeping noise to a minimum
  • Isomax Acoustic Light weight fans
    Isomax Acoustic Light weight fans lightweight, sound proofed cover. They are compact, have plenty of power and the high pressure motors deliver lots of torque meaning they can easily cope with drawing air through lengths of ducting and carbon filters.
  • Can Q-Max Silent AC Fans
    The Can Q-Max AC Fan is a robust metal cased fan with a sound insulated high quality 3D rotor-stator system. The integrated fan speed controller allows for 3 speed variations.
  • S&P Silent Inline Fans
    S&P Silent Inline Fans, incredible quality, and incredibly silent, the infamous Solar & Palau Silent Inline fan Duct Range. Highly Recommended
  • Systemair Startos Revolution Inline Fans
    Systemic Starts Revolution Inline Fans, The fans have aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide air vanes with integrated external rotor motors.
  • Ona Fan's With Built In Odour Remover
    The only fans on the market with built in odour removing capabilities, from the makes of Ona block Everyone who uses it knows...ona works great to make those bad smells disappear.
  • Maxi Fan Tube Fans
    Maxi Fan Tube Fans, 7 brand new tube fans from maxigrow, these single speed fans are reliable, quiet, move large amounts of air and have no air leaks, and the best part? the price! pre wired and ready to go!

Variety of High powerd Rvk fans, S&P Mixvent Fans, cd plastic inline fans rotating fans and accoustic silent boxed fans