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Ecothrive  COCO Light Mix - 70/30 coco/perlite

The perfect mix of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite for optimum aeration, pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost.

Ecothrive Charge is comprised of 100% premium organic insect frass. Thousands of production-focused growers across the UK already mix Charge into their coco coir every time they pot up. With Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix you can enjoy all the benefits of Ecothrive Charge straight out of the bag.

Why Perlite?
Coco coir has a high water holding capacity. While being one of its great benefits, in some situations it can make for a tricky growing media to work with. However, when perlite is mixed into coco coir the amount of air within the mix increases and the water holding capacity reduces, creating a lighter mix with better drainage and improved resistance to compaction. Plants grown in Ecothrive Lite Mix will show improved root growth, quicker establishment, a faster growth rate and be far less prone to the effects of over-watering than pure coco coir. Ecothrive Lite Mix is ideal for:

Drip irrigation systems
Autopot systems 
Hand watering applications

During propagation its fairly easy to over-water coco and slow down plant growth, particularly if you’re a beginner. The addition of perlite helps increase the air space within the mix, giving roots more access to oxygen. This makes the mix much more difficult to over-water and also leads to better root growth which in turn creates faster establishment and quicker growth of cuttings and seedlings.

When growing in coco, refreshing the root zone frequently with nutrient solution will lead to better growth. This is hard to do with 100% coco, as it holds a lot of water. Using Ecothrive Lite Mix mix will provide an overall lower water holding capacity compared to 100% coco coir, allowing you to water more often, providing the plants with a refreshed root zone on a regular basis. Coco Lite Mix is still suitable for hand watering in pots, watering daily, but is ideal for drip irrigation and Autopot systems.
Evenly Blended, Ready to Use

Most coco coir mixes contain no nutrients with very low levels of beneficial biological activity.  Now with Charge conveniently pre-blended into your coco mix your plants enjoy a balanced, organic source of primary nutrients along with a boost of beneficial bacteria, chitin derivatives and naturally occurring Trichoderma.

Coco Lite Mix uses RHP certified, buffered coco that has been pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge at 1% by volume. This mixing ratio makes it ideal for almost all applications. However if you are potting up plants into their final pots you can add more Charge into the mix at the rate of 10ml per L of potting mix to provide a nutritional kick and ultimately, a bigger boost. 

Use Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix and enjoy a forgiving, aerated, growing medium that produces stronger, healthier, more vigorous plants when compared to growing with ‘uncharged’ coco mixes.

How to Use:
Using our Lite Mix couldn’t be easier. We’ve done all the work for you! No more measuring and blending in Ecothrive Charge and perlite at potting up time.

Simply open the bag, pour the coco mix into your pots, then sit back and give yourself a big pat on the back!

When to Start Feeding:
Due to the slow nutrient release from the Charge in the Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix, you can start feeding with your nutrient program from day one.

Start with a low EC around 1.2 and always use a coco-specific nutrient formula.
When using Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix for your final potting stage, you can add more Charge into the mix at the rate of 10ml per L to provide more nutrients and a bigger boost.

For best results use in combination with Ecothrive Biosys on each potting stage, and once every 1-2 weeks thereafter.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large Heavy weights of Bags of Growing Medium they incur a £5 Surcharge per Bag Unless Bought in Pallet Qty



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Ecothrive COCO Light Mix - 70/30 coco/perlite

Ecothrive COCO Light Mix, The perfect mix of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite for optimum aeration, pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost.