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E40 Cfl light socket cord set

Used to‘hang’ cfl  lamps alongside or in between your plants to provide efficient and very effective supplementary lighting. cfls do not generate excessive heat and if you should touch them they won’t burn your hands

Suitable for cfl and fluorescent bulbs. just plug and play

It is an  e40 ceramic lamp holder pre-wired to a sealed 3 pin plug, with a 4 metre lead. Because cfls are self ballasting you can simply screw in your lamp - plug it in - and your away.

Works with all wattage of cfl bulbs, no ballast needed

plug and play!
Lamp sold separate, can be used with lamps up to 300w.



Customer Reviews

E40 Cfl light socket cord set

E40 Cfl light socket cord set set Just plug in and growEnvirolite E40 Cfl light socket cord set Works with any CFl on the market.