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Product Description

Dutch Pro Explode - Amsterdams Finest Booster.

Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. Dutch Pro Explode contains all the essential micronutrients, vitamins, acids you need to ensure exceptional yields, growth and resistance to diseases and infections.

Dutch Pro Explode is designed to work in tandem with the rest of the Dutch Pro nutrient range and as such we highly recommend using this product in conjunction with other Dutch Pro solutions such as Dutch Pro Original Grow and Original Bloom. This will ensure the best possible results from your feed

Explode is a brilliant bloom stimulator that delivers precious nutrients and minerals to your plants throughout the flowering stage. Consisting of micronutrients, vitamins and acids, it does exactly as the name suggests – explosively driving flowering growth and bigger yields in addition to increasing your plants resistance against diseases!

Explode is the flagship product of our nutrient line. Our Booster targets specific parts of the plant that enhances nutrient transport and increases sugar production during the bloom phase. This simple to use product contains multiple vitamins and macronutrients that will show you rather than tell you. Explode is made with food-grade raw materials and is free of heavy metals. It passed all legislation and is safe to use. 

Higher Sugar Production

More sugars allow the plant to develop denser, sweeter fruits, which is why this product is called our Booster. A plant must have an overflow of energy to fulfill all processes. Energy=Sugar(or Glucose). When using Explode, you will visibly see bigger, denser produce with more flavor and weight. With heavier, denser fruits, our growers will be able to produce more while having a higher grade product.

Stronger & Healthier Crops

Explode provides all the necessary nutrients a plant needs for an explosive hardening of its blossoms/fruits. It works to give the plant an increased resistance against fungi and bacteria-related diseases. Explode also works to stimulate the production of the green pigment, or chlorophyll, in the leaves. Chlorophyll turns the water and nutrients into glucose, which improves the photosynthetic process. The photosynthetic process, combined with proper lighting, carbon dioxide, water & Dutchpro nutrients, helps your plants create more glucose(sugar). This ensures that your fruits will increase explosively in weight and taste.

N-P-K: 0 - 0 - 4

*No PGRs are used in any of our products

How to use

Only 1ml per 1 litre of water.
100ml per 100l litre of water
( Shake well before use )

Suitable for all growing mediums.


Dutch Pro

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Dutch Pro Explode

Dutch Pro Explode is a fantastic and effective BOOSTER, its a bloom stimulator guaranteed to give you huge increases in yield with consistent use. The Recipe is a Dutch Secret. Amsterdam Finest.