Drying & Harvest

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  • Plant leaf Trimming Machines
    Selection of tools and cutting equipment, scissors, pruners, trimmers etc
  • Plant Microscopes
    Microscopes designed for plants, inspect for pests and to ensure your harvest is ready, the microscopes are also multi purpose
  • Soil, Seed & Fruit storage
    Soil, seed & fruit storage bags - zip lock bags, heat sellable bags, odour proof bags, small and large multi purpose zip lock bags.
  • Heavy Duty Press
    Hand Ton Press Jack Puck Press's compact ton weight press for multipurpose, agricultural, commercial and hobby projects then what you need is a jack puck heavy duty press, available from 2 - 8 ton.
  • Drying Racks
    different types of netting and various sized dry racks for supporting and drying plants. Stackable and hanging versions, ensure you properly dry your fruits and herbs.
  • Plant Oil Extraction
    Plant Oil Extraction, professional, and hobby extraction and oil extraction equipment, stainless steel professional closed loop extraction systems for extraction of soils, such as lavender,
  • Garden cleaning and protection
    Garden cleaning and protection, protective gloves and protective overalls, stop cross contamination, diseases and vernally running your clothes!