Deep Water Culture

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  • Single Pot Dwc - Bubblers
    Single Pot Dwc - Bubblers, single pot dwc and single pod deep water culture systems from the market leaders, deep water culture produces the best results for plants out of all hydroponic systems.
  • HG - Deep water Culture systems
    HG - Deep water Culture systems, in house hydroponics systems, mainly deep water culture systems DWC, after 20 years in the industry, we know what works and what doesnt, ever tried and tested it all.
  • Super Gro DWC Kits
    Super Gro DWC Kits, huge dwc buckets that have been designed specifically for obtaining huge plants with huge root mass. A growers favourite you cannot go wrong with deep water culture hydroponics.
  • Plant it Aeros Modules
    Plant it Aeros Modules, deep water culture sac pots by aeros, the aeros modules are a popular dwc system available in 1-4 pot systems. uk made by a uk company. a great way to start growing with hydroponics.
  • Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler  Dwc  Systems
    Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler Dwc Systems, The new Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler (DWC system) has been designed with tank volume being the most important aspect of the system.
  • Brummie Bubblers
    Brummie Bubblers, apparently designed and born in birmingham in the uk, its not the prettiest of system's but my god does it work, the more air stones and air you put in the water the bigger and badder the root system will be!
  • IWS - Oxypot's
    DGS - Oxypots, Dwc deep water culture oxypots by intelligent watering systems in the uk, been around for about 10 years and offer a great selection of dwc system from single to multiple plant options.
  • IWS Dwc systems
    IWS Deep water culture systems, a new way of growing with proven results! the dwc kit submerges the roots in highly oxygenated nutrient solution which encourages rapid growth.
  • IWS RDWC Systems
    Iws RDWC Systems - Intelligent watering systems brings to you the NEW Recirculating deep water culture systems available form 4 pot to 24 pot.
  • Alien Hydroponics RDWC KIts
    Alien Hydroponics RDWC KIts Deep water culture is a method used to grow plants with roots submerged in highly oxygenated nutrient solution
  • Green Air - Green Man Dwc Combi Kits
    Green Air - Green Man Dwc Combi Kits, THE BEST GROW SYSTEM for the best yields!The Green Man System is a unique and versatile combination growing system, it was designed and manufactured by. Green Air U.K.
  • IWS Rush RDWC Kits
    IWS Rush RDWC Kits - Recirculating Deep water culture hydroponics systems the choice of professional growers.
  • Alien RDWC PRO Hydroponic Systems
    Alien Hydroponic Systems - Alien Flood and drain kits, XL flood and drain systems, Advanced Alien RDWC pro kits. Premium hydroponic systems for professional growers of all kinds of plants

Variety of deep water culture kits "dwc" hydroponic systems. In house dwc kits, budget dwc kits and the best dwc kits on the market from the uk and verious other countrys around europe.