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Caterpillars Mealworm

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BioGreen Garlic, Biogreen Garlic is an organic insecticide that prevents and removes pests of mites, insects and mold. Garlic by Biogreen is a natural protector formuled with garlic
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Cypermite ready to use spray Will eradicate a number of different pests including: SpiderMite, Aphids, caterpillars and beetle infestations. Cyper Mite can also be used as a preventative treatment.
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Humboldts Flower Shield - Insecticide + Fungicide, Flower Shield is a natural insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. Flower Flower Shield is a natural insecticide, fungicide, and miticide.
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Plant Magic Plus Bugicide, Can Control of a wide range of pests and mildew safely and effectively. Pests don’t become resistant to Bugicide, meaning you can use it repeatedly to control Spider Mites, Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Scale and Psylilids.
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Proactive - Self Defence 1L, Acts as a vaccine, putting your plants on high alert against the first signs of disease. Contributing to the meristematic activity within your plants at a very high level.
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Pyrethrum 5EC is for outdoor use or on protected crops and helps to fight against aphids (blackfly and greenfly), caterpillars, whitefly and red spider mite.
If you have a caterpillar and meal worm problems in your hydroponics growroom or indoor garden, then we have the caterpillar and meal worm cure for you you